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  1. It would appear there are no sailings listed for 2024 from UK. Is this because they've not released which ship is sailing from UK that year? Any thoughts or speculation on which ship it might be?
  2. Hi again. We sailed on Indy (first cruise) in 2019, staying on deck 7, balcony cabin 7668. We found the location good so this time around when looking to choose a cabin on Anthem We were thinking of booking a cabin location similar to our cabin on Indy. However I've read a few things on various sites saying that the lifeboats below on deck 5 or 6 can really affect views from deck 7. Since views are important to us I'm now considering a cabin on deck 12. (Posted yesterday re a cabin near the Concierge club- thank you for replies) I know everyone is different but I'd love to get some feedback here. We like to sit out on our balcony a fair bit and relax so don't want to risk any view spoilers. Thank you so much. This site is so good! I asked screeds of questions before our first cruise in 2019 and can honestly say that the tips and advice I received on this blog was invaluable.
  3. Thanks Matt. Is the Concierge club open during certain hours. It's really just late night noise we'd be concerned about.
  4. Hello all. Is a cabin close to the Concierge club on Anthem of the Seas likely to be noisy? Is the Concierge club open late at night? Thanks everyone
  5. Thank you so much! Everyone is great on this site and without it I would have been completely clueless. We are not in a suite so thank you for the tip! I didn't realise that there were different seating areas. Great to hear you've had no crowding issues. We are travelling out with school holidays so hopefully will also be fine. Thanks again.
  6. Cold water???!!! ? How is your cruise going? This is our first cruise and we are VERY excited (and slightly apprehensive) due to reading reviews about over crowding ? Would love to hear any feedback or tips you may have. Thank you
  7. Hello again, Our cruise is getting close! YIPPEE..... and I am starting to pack. I always seem to pack way too much toiletries so I have a question regarding the showers at the Gym. My husband and I will probably go to the Gym most days so we are thinking we'd possibly be best showering at the gym as this will mean that only the kids will need to shower in the stateroom and will ease the chaos!. Do you know if the Gym Showers are "mixed" or are the ladies and gents separate? I'd like to know if my husband and I will need a bag each with shower gels etc or if we will get away with one set of toiletries as we will be in the same showers. Thank you! (we are sailing on Indy)
  8. Perfect! I have ordered 2! Thank you so much for your help
  9. Hi all, I've read on this blog previously about bringing door organisers on board and I want to get one (or Maybe 2) ordered in time for my cruise in 7 weeks. Can any of you suggest a good one? I'm in the UK and I use Amazon, so one from there would be ideal. This is my first cruise so I've no idea of the door sizes etc. Thank you all once again.
  10. Thanks again everyone. I'll just go Check in online. As this is all new to me I'm not really sure what to expect at a cruise terminal. I'm hoping it's a little better than an airport and that if we get there around 10am (We r travelling 600 miles the day before and staying overnight in hotel next to terminal) that we won't be hanging around for hours, or my husband will be cursing me for dragging the family there so early. Thanks again ?
  11. Thanks for reply. So the expedited embarkation only applies to higher categories of stateroom/status or if you have purchased the key? We are in a balcony room so sounds like we are not eligible. I did consider purchasing the key but it is way out of budget. I know many of you cruise all the time (lucky things) but the cruise is costing £7k for us and the kids and that's a lot of money for us to be spending. Looks like I'll just Check in online then, probably not a big deal as we plan to get to terminal early so hopefully queues won't be too bad. Thanks again for info.
  12. So at last....I am within my 90 days and I can check in. Yippee, its our first cruise and we are all very excited! I've been glued to this blog for almost a whole year and I think I've read that if I check in via the RC App (which I have downloaded onto my mobile) then I can use expedited embarkation (we are on Indy from Southampton). But If I check in online via a laptop I cant. Is that right? Here's the problem... when I login to my account on my laptop my check in is open, but when I look at the App every morning it keeps moving the check in date out a day. So yesterday it said I could check in on the 13th, today it says the 14th. Its been doing this since it hit the 90 days. Is this normal and just down to a glitch in the App? and am I right in saying that if I check in online I cant then get expedited embarkation? thanks again everyone.
  13. Thanks everyone for replies. We are on independence of the seas.
  14. Hello, we are embarking on our first cruise in a few months time. SO excited, but having a last minute panic (will no doubt have a few more of these as the cruise date approaches). I have read somewhere about staterooms located towards the aft of the ship to have trouble with noise from the engines. We are on Indy, Deck 7, stateroom 7668. Do you think we may experience engine noise in this location? I am having a panic and wondering if I should see if I can move rooms. thanks all
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