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  1. I really couldn't imagine not arriving the day before if you're flying (or even driving). I understand each person's circumstance is different, but for us, if we can't afford both the money and time to arrive a day early, we can't afford that vacation. Getting there comfortably, getting settled him, having some fun + a nice meal + drinks, a good nights sleep, and a leisurely morning is the only way to role.
  2. I second the above. Have no kids, but in the couple of times we have been to Nassau, we really haven't done much. Walk around, grab some local food (sometimes in the city center, sometimes we grab a taxi to the more "local" areas...depends what you are comfortable with safety wise), grab a few drinks, and then enjoy a quieter day on the ship. Allows us to save energy and money for a port we prefer. I am not anti-Nassau by any means, but we just prefer to go all out at another location in exchange for a subdued day in Nassau/the ship.
  3. Means nothing. As mentioned above, a way to keep you eager and excited and ready to click on more (paid) additions to your trip.
  4. No beaches, city, nature...Norway just fits the bill if you can get one that includes Oslo or, at least, Bergen to fulfill the city (Bergen being a bit liberal usage of the word "city", but I digress). Outside of those two places, pretty much the entirety of Norway is nature and lacks what most people would consider a relaxing beach to sit on.
  5. That's such a tough question, not knowing them specifically. I do not have kids, nor have I done any formal cruises to either place (just ferries in Greece, and a couple of sightseeing cruises in Norway), but I have been to both Greece and Norway several times each and I would, without a doubt, choose Norway. I prefer that scenery and that weather. I would expect a Norwegian cruise to be a bit older audience, probably less families, and be a bit quieter. That may or may not be a good thing, not knowing your family. Just personally, I prefer Norway to Greece in just about every way.
  6. Southwest will be starting MIA service on November 15 from Houston, Chicago, Tampa, and Baltimore. For this time, as far as I know, those are the only four planned nonstops. If others want to get to Miami, they can still connect in one of those four cities, but the nonstop options to FLL will remain vastly greater so.
  7. To be fair, Toronto also has world class cuisine of pretty much every corner of the world at every price point. St. Louis has...uh...hmmm...
  8. Anytime anyone brings up St. Louis food... https://kitchenette.jezebel.com/the-st-louis-cuisine-wikipedia-page-is-goddamned-hil-1690071082
  9. Yes, yes, but have you tried good pizza?? #Chicago4Life
  10. I have still been flying regularly since March (kinda essential for my job), so for me "pleasure" flying really depends on the situation at the time. I really, really am not a fan of long distance driving, so I would probably still lean towards flying if airlines are still doing a decent job of enforcing mask rules, and if the positivity rate is not too ridiculous. I am young and fit, so it's so much a concern of death or even getting sick, but of possible unknown long-term side effects in even asymptomatic cases.
  11. Eh, I am not sure I can agree with that, nor do I think you could accurately compare the experience to determine if it's "overpriced". I forget how much of your cruise fare goes towards an average dinner in the dining room or buffet, but let's say it's $15...so you're looking at, say, $65 + gratuity. For $65 you're getting as many apps as you'd like, soup/salad, a main course, and dessert, so you would need to factor that in at any other restaurant too. In essence, you're also kind of paying for a vacation destination restaurant, which are usually higher priced. A nice steakhouse in Sanibel, F
  12. Can't say I remember that...but I doubt many. The weather got bad overnight and was projected to remain bad, so I think most people assumed the pool deck was a wash for most of the day.
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