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  1. No way could I ever do an interior. My wife and I determined after the first time we cruised that it was balcony or nothing. If we couldn't afford a balcony, we couldn't afford that trip. We can't relate to the "you never spend time in your cabin" folks...we like people, but we also like escaping people and having a place to chill on our own that doesn't feel like a jail cell. It's the same reason we rarely do large group excursions - I see 4,000 people on the damn ship, I don't need to see them on land too. 15-20 is about our max, but we prefer doing our own thing completely. Folks also
  2. I've an AA-loyal frequent flier and have been since 2007ish. AA emails me 100% of the time with schedule changes. Heck, they even email me if a flight number changes but the times stay the same (which always results in a slight head scratch until I realize that AA1234 has become AA4321 but everything else remains the same). I am wondering if there's some setting in your AA profile or email that's keeping them from being sent or being delivered?
  3. My guess would be because the deal they have with the airlines wouldn't allow them to, and irritating a couple of customers would be better than pissing off AA, BA, Qantas, etc.
  4. The perk of Sydney is that, even if you have luggage, there's plenty to do in the area unlike many cruise ports that are in industrial areas. Even just sitting there watching the harbour traffic and ferries can kill a few hours easily. That is if you're not just in a hotel within walking distance, which many people are, in which you can either check out late or store luggage. I've never cruise out of Sydney, but I can't imagine there are many better places to originate from as far as convenience and ease...and views.
  5. If you're coming from the US, your chances of flying a jumbo jet are pretty small. Most likely a 737/A320 family aircraft. Maybe someone will fly an occasional A330/767 while they're still around, but I am not sure. Most of the planes between the US and St. Maarten (and most of the Caribbean) are in the 150 seat range, so fairly small. I know this is just a discussion, but the aero engineer and pilot in me kicks in here The rate of climb and hard right turn after takeoff make sure the aircraft never get very close to the mountain. Not something to worry about, in reality.
  6. That's definitely the bigger issue...Astra Zeneca, Sputnik, etc. etc., it'll be interesting to see which ones will or will not be accepted.
  7. The best vaccine is the one in your arm
  8. I doubt there will be a rule, as long as you're fully vaccinated. J&J 1 shot is full vaccination, just like Pfizer/Moderna 2 shot.
  9. Once you land in Nassau, you have access to the entire country of The Bahamas and need to be treated as such. It's definitely different than arriving on a cruise for a day trip. It will likely be, and should likely be, full Bahamian immigration and customs upon coming off of that plane. It's also very, very difficult to take a plane full of people (sometimes hundreds) and process them differently based on if they are staying for a "regular" vacation versus leaving on a cruise ship. Think of it this way - would, or should, Italy treat you differently because you are flying in to take a cr
  10. This is great news for those who want to travel, but man, I am really curious to see how Nassau handles itself as a cruise origin point. That whole port area seems like it will be a headache-and-a-half to deal with as an originating passenger. I would have to pound a few beers at Pirate Republic before dealing with that.
  11. Not sure how it works by you, but mine weren't either. What I ended up doing was calling my doctor and saying "hey, I am not eligible until early next week, but what's the soonest after that I can get an appointment?" and they got one for me. They said as long as they knew I was becoming eligible and had an appointment at least one second after that eligibility begins, they were good with it Even when I logged in to my doctor's portal, it showed my appointment being part of "Phase 2", even though I am Phase 3, because their system hadn't actually updated to show Phase 3 yet. But it work
  12. As a bit of a data geek, I am really curious to see when all is said and done and we have billions of injections around the world to have data on from many different vaccines, what the facts will show about which, or even if, there is one that caused more side effects than others. Because yeah, like you, I know people who have had all three and have had just wildly different reactions. It's fascinating to me. I suddenly became eligible on Monday and was able to get an appointment at my regular doctor's office, from my regular nurse, on Wednesday of that week.
  13. My wife and mother both had their second shot on this past Thursday morning. One Pfizer, one Moderna. Neither had anything more than a slightly sore arm and red injection sight for about 18-24 hours. Reactions seem to be all over the place.
  14. Yep, I have lost a 30-something year old friend, and two friends' fathers. I have no desire to mess around with it and will get the shot the moment I am eligible.
  15. No, I definitely remember my trips abroad at that age and it gave me a good foundation in the appreciation of cultures, languages, and history. Gotta start that stuff young!
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