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  1. My guess would be you'll have a higher-than-usual number of people who can do a salute versus a normal cruise.
  2. I get off for a few hours. Walk around, stretch my legs, get some food, a few drinks at the brewery, and then head back and enjoy the rest of the time on the ship. But personally, I have to get off at every port for at least a short period of time, even if just to walk around...just my preference.
  3. I wouldn't worry. The odds of something happening are so insanely small. Even compared to the plane getting shot down, that's a very different scenario and set of variables than a cruise ship getting attacked. Obviously, everyone has to do what's comfortable for them, but for me, changing plans because of a 0.0001% chance that something may happen is no way to live.
  4. In an attempt to pack as little as possible, I have no major hacks...but I will say having a white noise app on your phone does wonders. Turn that bad boy on when it's time to sleep, and let the world drift away.
  5. I'm probably a jerk (well, I know I am), but in my mind you don't owe them anything. Now, if you want to throw more their way, go for it...but it's not your fault if there is a glitch or you get a particularly good deal. It's not theirs either, but to me that's between them and their employer. That being said, a few extra bucks a day is still a very good deal, and in that case if you don't mind carrying cash, an extra dollar here or there might be the best way to do it.
  6. I second this. Depending on the time of year and how late/early sunset is, I would personally head over to St John via taxi and ferry, find a westward facing beach, and enjoy. As long as the sun sets before, say, 7:45pm, that gives you absolutely tons of time to get back to the ship by 10:00pm (assuming that's when you must be on board by).
  7. You may be overthinking this, to be honest. Rain is extremely common in that part of the world, but constant and all-day rain is not (aside from storms). It's very normal for it to rain in a small part of the day, but be perfectly beautiful the rest. Be prepared to be caught in some unexpected rain, but I am doubtful it will be so rainy as to wash out a day, let alone many days.
  8. The only time I have ever paid more was because I ordered some higher end wines...and I wasn't informed ahead of time unless they know I had the drink package (which isn't a knock, it just means they didn't assume I had the drink package and was prepared to pay the full price). Any kind of mixed drink, even a call, has always been covered in full.
  9. Walking all over the ship (I still don't know what the inside of an elevator looks like on a ship!), using the gym at least each sea day and sometimes port days too (or the running track, if early enough in the day), sticking to less-caloric drinks (straight liquors or wines versus heavy beers and mixed, sugary drinks), and being responsible at meal times have always led to me either maintaining or actually losing a little weight on cruises. Also helps to have somewhat active excursions (or, if it's just a beach day, I have found myself running or swimming "laps" in the water for at least a little bit of the time).
  10. I'm not one for big, over the top sweet drinks, so I usually stick to simpler beverages...but I love the Tropical Old Fashioned. - Muddled cherries and pineapple stirred together with orange bitters and Malibu Coconut rum"
  11. I don't know what brand we have, but I highly recommend one. I mean, I'm not one to actively jump in to water with my phone in a punch just in case...but after several water tests with paper inside, they seem to work great and offer a peace of mind should water splash up or you accidentally find your phone drifting in to the deep blue sea.
  12. Thank god. I remember my first cruise back in 2012, there were announcements in our room and I about lost my cool after just a day. Let my room be my sanctuary, please!
  13. Eating in the MDR as much as possible the first cruise. Then realizing we really don't ever want to eat there again for future cruises 🙂
  14. Last cruise we just wore our swimsuits on to the ship and immediately grabbed a drink and were in the pool by, oh, 11am? I promptly sprained the heck out of my thumb getting in to the pool, but it was still a good way to start the cruise 🙂
  15. I have never taken mine with me in Nassau. If I really want to, I'll take a copy of it, but I usually don't stray too far from the ship in Nassau.
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