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  1. Live vicariously through all the live blogs. They bring back good memories of your own past cruises even if it's not for the same ship. They also give you ideas for your own planning.
  2. @Lovetocruise2002 @hayley_bopp @Boston Babe and I think maybe, although he didn't say it here, @JohnK6404 in June? And I'll include myself for August! Truly sorry if I missed anyone. Oh yes...following!
  3. I cannot speak to the allergy aspect, but if you do happen to have an issue, know that the ship is big and beautifully laid out. If you need to avoid the park, you will still have an amazing cruise with a lot to do.
  4. Not even sure why, but that made me laugh out loud (in a good way)!
  5. Skid

    Jet Blue

    The thing I DO like with American is that they always give us TSA Precheck and Jet Blue doesn't. Next flight is on Jet Blue though.
  6. Skid

    Jet Blue

    FYI, we take a shared shuttle from port of Miami to FLL for $15 per person. With that there is usually still a savings because flights to/from FLL are usually less than Miami.
  7. Skid

    Jet Blue

    Another thing in their favor, especially compared to American, is that they sometimes have some decent flight availability when booking with miles/points. Unless I really messed up during my research and booking, I don't think Jet Blue goes from my area to Miami, just Fort Lauderdale (and West Palm Beach). So we'll be sailing from/to Miami but have to fly to/from Fort Lauderdale. Our return flight is at 1:35. Personally, I wouldn't feel comfortable with anything earlier. We are not first off the ship people😁
  8. As usual, they have no consistency whatsoever. Usually they charge more for everything Symphony. But now I think they may be going by the number of days and really sticking it to us. My 4 night on Navigator is $14 and $12 but my 12 night on Adventure is $16 and $13. It will be interesting to see what they come out with for the Key on Adventure when the time comes.
  9. It is actually very easy. Go on cruise planner. At the top click on order history. Open the particular order you want and click cancel. Then just order again. Refund will be to original form of payment and will take a few days. If you had bought it using on board credit, that OBC will show in your account immediately so you can then use it for the new purchase. I have done it several times. Of course, you can call also if you prefer.
  10. Or worse if you're in flip flops. This warrants yet another request to @Matt for an "eeew" reaction. 😏
  11. I guess that number was just plugged in for example. Try this. It should open in your browser and the bookmark it (add to your favorites). https://connect.calcapp.net/?app=9tts3#/ Thanks. Are you packed yet? Hehe. I have only a little while till October on Navigator, but still jealous and in love with Symphony. Have a GREAT time. Safe travels. Can't believe you didn't start your live blog yet!!
  12. You can use this great drink calculator developed by @Grenadyr to see if a drink package would be beneficial. Happy sailing!
  13. ^^^^This. If it happens to be somewhat cloudy do not make the mistake of thinking you are safe from burning. Not seeing the sun shining brightly upon you doesn't mean that the UV ray's are not just as harmful. Some of the worst sunburns I have seen were on cloudy days.
  14. It was terrific. We were there on Symphony during the second week that Perfect Day was open. There were 6464 passengers aboard and they said that 5800 got off. And with all those people, this is how South Beach looked at about 11AM. Relaxation at it's best! At that time in our area were 15 beach beds and 20 bungalows (we paid $219 for the bungalow and that included food delivery, water and floating beach mats). Next to us were the beach loungers. I actually don't know where the cabanas were.
  15. Having seen a LOT of Broadway shows, Cats has always been one of my least liked (sorry @JLMoran and @mom2mybugs). Unfortunately, my wife really likes a lot of the movie cast members so it appears I may have to see the movie. Have mercy on me!
  16. Yes, but only with TSA approved locks. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/onboard-luggage-policy
  17. Yes, a very nice 5-10 minute walk along the beach. Since South Beach is closed for construction we'll have to split between Chill Island and the pool. The pool is so huge, it's actually not terribly far from anything. Picture doesn't do it justice.
  18. Going back in October. We are sure it will still be great, but we'll surely miss the bungalow we had on South Beach in May.
  19. Darn it John, I was JUST going to book that stateroom and YOU pulled it offline for 15 minutes with your mock booking. Shame on you! 😁😁
  20. Find him on Day 1 and tell him he MUST do his magic act along with his personal story. He did about 20 minutes when hosting a show in the theater. Tell him you are also Canadian and will be very disappointed if he doesn't do it!
  21. Go to this Royal Caribbean website, fill out and submit the form. They will reply. An extension cord and a bottle of distilled water will be waiting for you in your cabin. If for some reason they are not, just ask your cabin steward. You'll can also ask your steward to run the cord under the bed and tape it down so you don't trip on it. Or bring magnetic hooks an run it across the top...all walls, doors and ceilings are metal. Happy sailing.
  22. With so many different geographic areas, professions and hobbies represented on this blog, I am guessing someone knows. This little guy has been hanging around all day. If I get close, it flies away and comes right back. (love-hate relationship?-hehe) I tried to find a website where I can upload a picture for identification but they all seem to want me to register. Thought I'd try asking here first. Next step will be to get to one of our county offices. I have asked around and have gotten all types of responses from a drone to a "drag in" fly. Thanks.
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