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  1. This is so exciting!!! The sky isn't looking too friendly, but who cares...it's vacation time!!!
  2. I'm in my dry dock phase after having our vacation last month. We don't know what our plans are yet for next year and it's oh so depressing. Take heart in knowing your blog is keeping me alive! lol
  3. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!! Can't wait for your updates!
  4. I know you are over the moon excited and counting down!! We just had a 3 year dry dock and thought that was bad....you beat us with the 8 years. Enjoy every minute and can't wait to hear all about it!
  5. Loving your review! That cathedral is breathtaking!!! I'm always fascinated by old structures and architectural detail....I could take pictures all day! I'm also a huge GOT fan!!! Tracking those places down would have me side tracked all day. Following along.....
  6. Just an update to say my first day back at work was torture and I'm already in cruise withdraw. That is all.
  7. Took a night time stroll on the boardwalk area and met a lost crab...live bands playing here and there.
  8. You have got to go...this place is soooo nice! Every little detail of the hotel was thought out so nicely. I knew the minute we booked for one night we would regret it.
  9. This resort is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I’m making some sand art to take home too. I love it!
  10. Getting off the ship was a breeze this morning until we got outside to the rideshare area. The porter took us to the wrong place and when our ride came, the cop threatened to give him a ticket if he stopped. We were routed to the right area and ended up canceling our first Uber because he never came back for us. We got a new driver after what seemed like forever and we are now enjoying our stay at Margaritaville in Hollywood. The fish is in the water already.
  11. We said our goodbyes to our waiters and enjoyed one last night time stroll through Central Park and our last sunset before disembarking. ?
  12. We were killing time waiting for kids club to open because my son became obsessed with wanting to always be there. Wrestling broke out and I don’t even know why.
  13. On Allure, the lollipop was present on the 50th birthday cake, unlike Navigator.
  14. I forgot our formal night the evening of Puerto Rico, day 5. Lobster was good and in one of the pics you can even catch a slight glimpse of @CruisingKat(Kathy).
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