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  1. That’s just insane. Seriously. Where do they come up with these prices. Now life will be ruled for the next 330 odd days checking for sales on the cruise planner....lol
  2. I just booked us away for Christmas too, just a different ship. My kids are a little older, but also had no problem saying bye-bye to the traditional Christmas when I thought they would be. Last year we were away for New Years which was pretty awesome! Enjoy!
  3. I think my daughter would be devastated if we didn’t have the promenade. That was one of her favourite things about our last cruise. I may try the smaller ships on a shorter sailing and see how things go before booking a 7+ cruise. Thanks for your input!
  4. The more personal experience definitely holds its appeal. Thanks, for your input!
  5. Wow, I’m sorry you had such a terrible experience. The ice cream machines were constantly broken or out of ice cream on the Explorer we just went on too. Pretty annoying that I didn’t actually get to have ice cream until the last night. I just picked the wrong times to go have some I guess. Thanks for your input, it helps a lot! Enjoy your sailing on Harmony.
  6. @Prince Valiant Quick but important question.... Is there a self-serve ice cream station on the Vision? What about the Coke machine as well?
  7. Those are all great points; I think I’m going to look into these ports a little more. I’m hoping that I’d be able to do some sort of rainforest excursion if I go with this cruise. I love that their is an overnight in Aruba too.
  8. Really?? Yikes, that’s not a good thing. I had to bust out the gravol twice on the Explorer and that’s a bigger boat. I guess it depends on the weather and waves. There is actually two on Freedom we have on our short list now, both out of San Juan. Only wish they were longer than 7 nights.
  9. The Enchantment I’m looking at is a 7nt out of San Juan, and it only has one at sea day. I definitely think we would have no problem on this and would enjoy ourselves. Juggling would not appeal to me either....lol.
  10. That more personal experience definitely appeals to me as does the not being in a mad rush. I’m on vacation, it don’t want it to feel stressful. The cruise I’m looking at has 3 sea days, but spread out so maybe that would be ok. I guess it’s time to go through videos of the ship with her and see if she’d like it. Thanks for your input!
  11. OK, it sounds like you are about to do the one I am debating doing, just maybe a different date. The 11 night Vision leaving from Ft. Laud with stops in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Aruba, and Haiti? I’m looking at the Dec 24th date, but the 3 at sea days are a little worrisome. Only one of my kids wants to come and she’ll be 16. She loves having the promenade and places to hangout. She’s definitely going to be who helps me make my final decision. Basically what it comes down to is longer cruise with a smaller boat or a shorter cruise with a larger boat. It’s great to hear all the positive experiences on vision and the smaller ships, even though I know one person’s positive might be another’s negative.
  12. Vacation is about the ports when it comes right down to it. I guess the ship is more important when a lot of as sea day come into play. Explorer hadn’t been amped yet when we were on it, and it was still awesome. Honestly my teens favourite part (and really ours too) was that we were a floor above the promenade, and could just hang out in seats looking out over all that was happening, without going right down into it. Not having the promenade worries me.
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