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How do you carry your seapass?


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2 hours ago, AlmondFarmer said:

I suitcase mine.

Once off the ship, I put sea pass in my suitcase to take home for my collection.

On board I ask my wife to carry my sea pass card. I keep my hands busy with drinks.

I keep my cards to; they are pretty much the only souvenirs I have from RCG. 

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23 hours ago, MomOf6 said:

What does the seapass look like?  Is it like a keycard for a hotel room?  I don't want to carry a purse or trust putting it in a pocket when we go to the pool, etc.  Would it attach to a lanyard?  Thank you!

Yup it's a keycard like you'd get at a hotel.  I use a lanyard with it slippped into a plastic sleeve.

It's a good idea to note that the keys on the newer ships/newer doors have a chip in the card and as a result they will no longer punch holes in these cards to be slipped through a keyring. (saw this happen at guest services on Odyssey)


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15 minutes ago, WannaCruise said:

DH uses a lanyard.

I wear a pouch around my waist that holds my seapass, camera (probably phone going forward), paper cruise compass and anything else I may need.

Yes, we take the larger waterproof plastic contraptions off the ship on our beach days.  They work great for a phone or for all cruise docs.

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