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  1. Thank you Matt. That's what i worried about.
  2. Hello. I have a challenge and wondering if any of you know the answer. Our son has his birthday on a day while we are in a port. We have bought a whole bunch of decorations for his room including balloons and signs. Since we will all be going ashore together do you think the steward would put up the decorations while we are gone? We of course would tip him, but how much $ is also something I’d like to get your opinion on. Would love for it to be a surprise when we all got back on board but just wondering if the steward would be offended if we asked for him/her to do that. Thanks in advance.
  3. Does anyone have a guide to what restaurants may stay open while the ship is docked? In particular while at Coco Cay? We have the UDP and if I'm not feeling like beach bar food I was hoping to possibly have lunch back on the ship. We will be on the Oasis. TIA!
  4. You on Oasis Dec 26? I'm on the same cruise and have seen and wondered the same thing.
  5. Do you think we could access to multiple rooms using the app on our phone as the key?
  6. We are a family of four traveling on OTS. My two boys are minors so my wife is assigned to one cabin with one of them and I am assigned to another cabin with the other. How do I ensure that my wife and I both have access to both rooms? Really don't want to wait in the customer service line if this can be taken care of beforehand. Thanks in advance,
  7. How was the snorkeling? Where did you go?
  8. I feel like they should invent some sort of bracelet or even a band that would make me say “wow!” To take the place of the key card.
  9. Update: My confusion has been alleviated. I checked in today and low and behold both cabins and all four of us were available to check in when I went to check myself in. Previously, only my cabin was showing which is why I was confused on how to check in the rest of my family. All good and super easy! Now about that Covid test on Christmas eve
  10. Ok cool...any tips on how to add second reservation to my app?
  11. Thanks Matt. That makes sense. Then everyone just creates their own accounts for other things (not check in) once on board? Wondering when I have my kids set up their accounts.
  12. So here is our scenario...Family of four with two staterooms. One adult and one minor in each room. Reservations are linked. I haven't used the app before to check in but I have read up on what is required. I have downloaded it and familiarized myself it as well as connected it to my reservation number. My question is do I just go ahead and check us all in on my app or does each family member do their own? I know photos are required so I would think they would upload to their own accounts? Just a little confused as how we transition from one app (mine) and then to the whole family having their own accounts once we are onboard for chatting and other things. Anyone who's done this before with some advice would be appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Anyone know if you can use your Ultimate Dining Plan for the tapas at Vintages? Thanks
  14. We found a pretty cool solution to the problem of having nowhere to go when you get to your port destination (however you get there). It's a website that allows you rent hotel rooms just for the day and you get full access to all amenities of that hotel. You just don't sleep there. They mark the price WAY down and in most cases you can check in around 9:00am or earlier and out by 4-6pm. We are doing in this in Miami Beach and are going to enjoy all that the hotel has to offer then mosey on over to the ship much later in the day. Here's the site: https://www.dayuse.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwwNWKBhDAARIsAJ8HkhfxZt04G0gy-xQm6FFdqjVCjlOYYetfwduiyU6KaDv1spMc1BCnS5EaAnf9EALw_wcB
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