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So I went through the deck plans and found all of the different ADA cabins and wrote them down. I received the Royal Up email for my Dec. 19 Harmony sailing.

I ended up calling C&A to inquire about the ADA impact on Royal Up. I was told that if you are in an ADA room they will keep you in an ADA room.

I went ahead and bid on the Ultra Spacious Balcony.

Fingers crossed this works, if it doesn't well I'll still have the Boardwalk Balcony.

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13 minutes ago, Ampurp85 said:

 I don't understand why I can't do Royal Up, it says my 37 day away cruise is too far away. But people on my cruise have gotten RoyalUp offers already. 

Might have to do with you cabin category. They might not be offering Royal Up to your group. Or it may show up later after some other categories have shifted.

I have a cruise next week where I've never been eligible.

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I booked an inside GTY for a 4-nighter.  I wanted to use this as a litmus test to see what a basic, inside GTY gets a solo-cruising Diamond during a pandemic.  I purposely didn't do a RoyalUp in advance because I wanted to see what would be assigned on its own.

Answer:  a BASIC, inside cabin 😆

I was hoping for a promenade view interior at least, but alas, no.  So I dug out the RoyalUp email.

Pricing data points per person (incase anyone cares):

Promenade View:  $10
Spacious Interior:  $15
Ocean View:  $20
Spacious Ocean View:  $25

Panoramic Ocean View:  $30
Ultra Spacious Ocean View:  $35
Balcony:  $50

Prices were identical in both emails they sent me (Aug 15th & Sept 20th).  Then, I used an online-travel agency to go through a dummy booking and look at which cabins were still available (the actual rooms).  There were TONS of promenade view interiors left, on all 3 decks that offer them, and all 24 of the Panoramic Ocean View cabins.  Those are all on Deck 12 by the Spa.  I've never stayed in one of those before.  I threw down 2 bids, a $15 bid for the Promenade View ($5 more than the minimum) and a $40 bid for the Panoramic Ocean View ($10 more than the minimum).  I was awarded the Panoramic ocean view today, 3 days prior to sailing, so 80 bucks total for the upgrade.  not bad & I get to check out a new kind of stateroom. 

I went back today and looked at available cabins again, and I still see about 55 of the Promenade view interior cabins left, and 12 out of the 24 Panoramic Ocean View cabins left.  So at least for this sailing, the availability seemed pretty good and my idea of low-balling both bids was successful.  If its that wide open, your only competition is other guests, not really inventory.  I am sure there is a magic line where the revenue management people would rather have the room go empty than upgrade someone for bare bones, but its possible that the lowest allowable bid *IS* that bar, and thus they'll take anything in the range as long as someone doesn't bid higher than you for the last cabin. 


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6 minutes ago, Kkmadden said:

Sailing of Freedom of the Seas on  Monday, October 4. We bid the lowest amount for a suite. I decided to up my bid, but when I went to the site it said our bid was pending and gave no option to cancel or change. Is this good news? 🙏

Did  you try to click on the word "pending"?

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1 hour ago, Kkmadden said:

It does not allow me to click on pending. 

I just logged in to mine, too, and it does seem like they've removed the ability to update the bid.


Previously there was also a link below the bids to manage them and it's gone too. Instead I can't seem to get rid of the "This site uses cookies" popup at the bottom.


Makes it look like maybe a browser issue, but I tried a different browser with the same results.  

I know the RoyalUp process says it can be modified up to 54 hours before sailing, which should be 10/2 for a 10/4 sailing ( @Kkmadden) or 10/7 for my 10/9 sailing. Maybe they stop it once they've started assigning bids? 

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13 minutes ago, wstephensi said:

to the right you will see buttons to modify or cancel your bid

Agreed. That's how I was able to do it before. However, that ability is no longer available.


The only thing I can think of is that, because we are so close in, they've started assigning cabins (as evidenced by the other bids I put in that are now expired) and this one no longer has the button to modify or cancel.

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3 hours ago, KLA said:

It was JUST accepted. We sail in two days. Junior Suite from OV balcony GTY!!!!

That is awesome! Congrats! You have given me hope. I have a bid on a JS for the Odyssey sailing after you. Actually I put in multiple offers for other suites too but all of them are expired except the JS one and now I cannot change/modify it. Hearing from others it seems like it's likely to go through but I have also heard of times where it hasn't. Either way I happy yours did! I am traveling with my wife and son so the extra space and tub would be AMAZING! 

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