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  1. That's usually a very good sign given my past experience.
  2. Last week it showed the lobster on Day 5 dinner menu in the app. Today the app is showing a 7 day menu without it, I think it's going to be on Day 5. I'm also on this cruise, but being from Maine, I am fortunate to have lobster anytime. We have UDP, so probably won't do lobster this cruise.
  3. WOW Sale - 2/9 through 2/14 Not so much WOW on this one - my next cruise is actually much higher.
  4. Here are all your answers. https://www.rclinvestor.com/contact-us/faqs/shareholder-benefit/
  5. Any thoughts on why all my bids would still show pending? If not in "expired" state does that mean still an opportunity to get RU? We sail on Sunday, so today is the 5 day mark. And hello from a fellow Mainah!
  6. Still pending here and editable for all 4 - we cruise on 10/31 so I'm hopeful.
  7. Checking for folks opinions here on our Royal Up Bids We booked Suite GTY and have a JS assigned, put in RUB for all the suites and all are still "pending." I've heard from others on the cruise that some of their bids show expired so trying to figure out if we still have a chance with all these bids still pending.
  8. Fingers crossed for you! Good luck!
  9. I'm on FOS on 10/31/2021 and we have UDP, so it's definitely still available.
  10. If you used a TA, it could be your TA doesn't participate.
  11. So has anyone answered the question of "who is the CD on Freedom?"
  12. 2nd vote for Trikes Aruba - great excursion, great hosts and you see lots of the island. In Curacao we did the Santa Barbara Beach Resort (All Inclusive) but I don't know if they have reopened since covid. Good luck S
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