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  1. Has anyone kept track of how often they post new cruises?
  2. When doing the math to decide on getting the DBP I don't just figure in alcoholic drinks, but also specialty coffees, juices, bottled water, etc. If the daily price drops below $60 then it's worth it to me. My wife doesn't drink alcohol at all, so I just call RC and they allow me to have the DBP without her having to purchase one.
  3. Yep, almost pulled the trigger on one for 2/4, but it's a little too soon for me. I'll keep an eye out for some March or April sailings.
  4. DBP dropped to $44/day and DBP+Zoom dropped to $49/day about 3 weeks before our Thanksgiving Navigator cruise.
  5. The crew on the Navigator were so amazingly friendly and helpful.
  6. We were on the 7 night 11/19 cruise. In Cabo we did the snorkeling excursion through Royal. That was fun. Mazatlan we went off on our own to Stone Island. Great relaxing day and the water taxi to get there is a short walk from the ship. Lots of beach restaurants to choose from with lounge chairs and cheap eats. Puerto Vallarta we went on our own to one of the boardwalk areas. Took a taxi both ways for $5 each. Hung out on beach chairs in front of a hotel and had snacks and drinks. The salespeople on the beach were constant though. Like you said, not alot of choices through Royal Caribbean. I did hear someone say Salsa Salsa Margarita was pretty fun. Navigator was fantastic though!
  7. Did you have a lot of excursion options through Royal? Our Symphony cruise isn't until the end of June, so a lot can change, but hoping the excursion options increase by then.
  8. I would say so. There were many families in attendance when we were there on the 11/19 sailing. It's the big headliner show of the cruise.
  9. We're curious as well. Our cruise there isn't until the end of June, so hopefully its up and running by then.
  10. No crew members by self serve soda machines on Navigator.
  11. Had I not gotten the DBP I was going to do that exact thing. Order a virgin drink with a cheaper shot on the side.
  12. To earn as many points as you can make sure you are playing all 5 games each day. Slots are auto play, so don't even need to do anything while they run.
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