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  1. I got really spoiled on my Navigator cruises. 1900 on my 7 day and 1400 on my 3 day cruise.
  2. The main reason to check in early is you cannot reserve shows or specialty restaurants until you get on board. You'll want to be able to reserve as much as you can before they sell out.
  3. Awesome post! My June 25th cruise is coming quickly. I will add 1 last stress: Quickly booking show and specialty dining reservations as soon as I walk on the ship. No time to ooh and ahh about how big and beautiful the Symphony is. Book those damn reservations!!!
  4. Sweet! Yeah, I got my son the water park as well and my wife and I the wave runners for about $48/each.
  5. For our June 25th Symphony cruise I was able to get the DBP for $57/day & the UDP for $166. I did score these prices about 9 months ago though. For my particular cruise Black Friday sales focused on Coco Cay where almost everything was 50% off.
  6. Book shows first. Book specialty dining as well if you have a dining package. Do the eMuster. Then you can relax.
  7. Great. I have a 10:30 on Symphony for June 25, so I'm very curious. Also, if you are making UDP reservations I'd be curious how that went as well.
  8. Yes, I noticed it doesn't include headliner shows. Otherwise, it's a nice indicator of what might be going on on your particular cruise
  9. I was highly disappointed with the Chops lunch menu in the MDR with The Key. I think it was a choice of 3 appetizers, 3 entrees and 3 desserts. The filet seemed tiny. Not at all the same as lunch in the Chop's restaurant.
  10. We had 6:45 my time dining and never missed an 8:15 show. Granted, this was back when cruising was at 40% capacity. Our waiter did ask us each night if we had to get to a show, so they can speed things up a bit if necessary.
  11. I believe I got it off Facebook on the Symphony June 25th group. I'll see if I can find the original post.
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