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  1. I'm hopeful too, but with prices jacked up so high right now even their normal "sale" will have higher than normal prices.
  2. In the app click on your initials in the upper right corner. Go to Order History and cancel the one you want. My refunds have taken 5-7 working days on the average.
  3. I wonder if we won't see any cruises offered again until after the summer.
  4. I heard you can go down to medical if you are seasick and they have a "magic" shot they can give you for it. My mother-in-law did this when she got really seasick and she said it made her feel so much better for the rest of her cruise. I bring ginger gum, Sea bands, ginger ale and non-drowsy Dramamine. So far I've only used the gum when I felt a little weak in the stomach.
  5. We have one booked for our June 25th Symphony cruise.
  6. My wife will be happy that it will be in full swing by our June 25th cruise.
  7. Also, it's better to play when there are organized pickleball games scheduled. When it's open play pickleball, it's a chaotic madhouse.
  8. It was the advertised price, so add the gratuity to that.
  9. The best I ever got was for our 7 night Navigator cruise over Thanksgiving. I scored the DBP for $44. The DBP + Voom was going for $49.
  10. Navigator 3/11 cruise:1400 out of 3990 for 3 day trip.
  11. Blackjack on Navigator was $5+$1 bonus spot. Not sure what craps was. I'll be back on the 3/11 cruise, so I'll check it out.
  12. Navigator: Robet and Gerald. Great MDR team.
  13. Danny from Harr Travel has been our TA for awhile now. He knows his stuff!
  14. Yep, I lose an hour on my cruise. They should refund us for the missed hour. Just kidding.
  15. Yeah, I thought I'd get lucky and be able to get a free cruise and $100 OBC for the same cruise. No dice
  16. Just curious if robes are provided. I forgot to look on my last cruise.
  17. I have the same situation for our June 25th Symphony cruise. I've been told the waiters won't make a big deal about it.
  18. On our Navigator cruise over Thanksgiving they offered a lesson, 2 drinks and $50 in chips for $50 on the planner. We purchased it for my wife and myself. I don't see it offered for my upcoming Navigator cruise. The arcade was available for purchase on the planner for both cruises.
  19. You'll have a great time. We were on the Navigator over Thanksgiving week. I'll be back 3/11 for a 3 nighter. I'm curious if crowds will be larger for my cruise with college Spring Break starting around then. Anyway, great ship and super friendly crew.
  20. Yes, you can ask the representative to tell you the upgrade price for any category. I've booked 2 cruises from MyVegas so far.
  21. Yes, the $44 on Navigator over Thanksgiving has me spoiled as well. Hoping it pops up again before my 3/11 cruise.
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