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  1. No crew members by self serve soda machines on Navigator.
  2. Had I not gotten the DBP I was going to do that exact thing. Order a virgin drink with a cheaper shot on the side.
  3. To earn as many points as you can make sure you are playing all 5 games each day. Slots are auto play, so don't even need to do anything while they run.
  4. We'll be on Symphony in June 2022, so I'll definitely find out.
  5. Good question. It's been a couple months, so I cant quite remember, but I think it may have been around 100,000 points.
  6. I heard a month parking permit at the port is cheaper than paying for 7 days individually. Problem is I can't find where to purchase the permit.
  7. Wednesday will be the 30 day mark and hoping that will be check-in day. Also, a big clue that we may be sailing at less than 50% capacity is the hours listed for the Windjammer are for lunch only. Windjammer will only open up for dinner once ships reach 50% capacity. So excited for this adventure!
  8. Menu is now available for the MDR on the app.
  9. We haven't found any excursions that really interest us yet, at least not the ones offered through the ship. I was hoping for an all-inclusive beach day, but because of Covid most hotels are not offering day passes.
  10. Our roll call has been pretty quiet considering we are getting close.
  11. I did a price adjustment a few days ago and although we paid our cruise in full at the 90 day mark, we got a refund instead of OBC. It's because of the new 30 day due date and our cruise is in 39 days.
  12. Navigator 11/19 dropped $240 yesterday. TA working on the OBC right now. Hoping it continues to drop!
  13. Just curious, but how much does the price of your cruise have to drop before you would personally contact your TA to take advantage of onboard credit? $50, $100, $200? If you get your TA to get you the OBC, but then the price drops more the next day and then more the next day, do you call your TA each time to keep adding more to your OBC? Kind of like being a day trader in the stock market. Lol. I keep checking my cruise prices for a drop. I'd sure love some OBC if we can get it, but so far my 11/19 cruise is still going up in price. Thanks and happy cruising everyone! ⛴
  14. On both my upcoming cruises it was more expensive to have RC pick our cabin.
  15. I took it as things staying the same through the end of the year. Low occupancy will be the norm until 2022, so I wouldn't think they would have lower rates to get more people aboard.
  16. Still waiting for the notification to check in for our November 19th Navigator cruise. I wonder if they are holding off until she does her test cruise.
  17. Our local CVS has this same test kit as a 2 pack for $30. I think we'll get a few for our Nov cruise.
  18. Also, my TA said that check-in could be as late as the end of October for this particular sailing.
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