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So...YOLO booking is real...


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I sorta went on a bit of a spree with some money I've had socked away, and now I can attest to the fact that YOLO booking is indeed a thing. ?

September 26, 2021: Oasis out of Cape Liberty (7 days)

December 24, 2021: Anthem out of Cape Liberty (Christmas at sea!) (7 days)

December 31, 2021: Anthem out of Cape Liberty again! (Why not be at sea to welcome in 2022?) (9 days)

UPDATED AFTER SAGE FORUM ADVICE: May 1, 2022: Serenade out of Vancouver (North to Alaska...and back...) (7 days)

All of these happen during breaks for me with school and will celebrate milestones in said schooling since I'm getting toward the final phase.

If they all go off without a hitch, I'll be Diamond for the second leg of the holiday B2B and Diamond Plus at the end of the Alaska cruise; the one on Oasis will be my first Royal cruise (not for a lack of trying over the last 18 months!). These points will apparently really stack up with the bonus and because I'm cruising solo.

You people are a bad influence! ?

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On top of it all, I got the same cabin on the B2B cruises! That was tricky -- when I was looking yesterday, cabin inventory suddenly started plummeting, so it took me a bit to get just what I wanted.

Due to the time of year, I decided against a balcony and instead got one of the fore-facing cabins. It should be an interesting experience!

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I don't believe in YOLO booking!  There's no such thing!

The only reason I have six cruises booked (as of now) is because I only have one life - so fragile - you're here today, gone tomorrow.  I want to make the most of it, doing the things I love as much as I can before I bid this earth goodbye.  I don't think there are cruises in the afterlife.

Again let me reiterate, I don't believe in YOLO booking!  It's a myth


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48 minutes ago, Donna G said:

Fantastic!  I wish my husband could take the time off to cruise that much.  Counting the days to retirement so we can YOLO book back to back cruises too.  


51 minutes ago, LovetoCruise87 said:

I guarantee that when we retire the first thing to do is a back to back!

I hope you get to! We all need cruises in our lives again -- and let's face it...2 cruises are even better than one! ?

I haven't gotten to travel in nearly 3 years, so when I saw I could line all of these up with my schedule, I jumped at it! I'm lucky to have the time off I get and I know it won't always be like this for me, so I'm trying to take advantage of it while I can!

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