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  1. I'm looking very forward to being on a Radiance-class ship for my Alaska cruise. It looks so well-suited for that!
  2. You wear pants for work!? Faaaancy! I have definitely worn my "dress shorts" in the MDR along with a collared shirt -- in part because I completely forgot to change one night! But fear not -- I wasn't struck by lightning or anything!
  3. So far, Oasis has been the only ship in the RCCL fleet on which I've sailed, and I can already tell I'm going to miss Central Park something awful. My balcony overlooking the park was utter bliss, especially when the acoustic guitar players would begin in the evenings. I shared pictures of Central Park with my friends and they were in awe that it was on a ship! All that being said, I'm looking forward to expanding my horizons. Anthem will be up next, along with Independence and Mariner this year, and Serenade next year. It's looking like I'll get a sampling of almost every class and who knows? Maybe my answer will change by next spring!
  4. Well, I've been told by multiple folks at RCCL (including the C&A folks) that I only qualified for regular double points as a solo cruiser on my 9/26 cruise on Oasis because it was my first RCCL cruise, and to get the additional "double points", I would've had to already be a C&A Gold level member -- not Pre-Gold as I was at the start of the cruise. So for the 7 days, I got the standard 14 points instead of the 28 under the promo. For my future cruises I booked during the promo period, I'll get the "double-double" points. Of course, it appears that RCCL was a bit inconsistent in applying that, so well-done to the first-time RCCL cruisers who lucked into the double-points promo for that first cruise! Just more reason for me to add another cruise! Oh, noooo!
  5. On Oasis, they also had the velvet rope between the performers in Central Park and the passengers. There was definitely also lots of dancing aboard. I don't have any pictures, but our '70s Disco Party was jumpin', even though people were spread out! And the salsa dancing at Bolero's was definitely hot, hot, hot!
  6. I was just thinking the exact same thing! Fear not -- I don't need to know until late November!
  7. I have to agree with so many about a lot of tips, both for gambling on Royal and gambling in general. My September trip on Oasis was my first Royal cruise, and I told myself before I went that I was only going to play what I could afford to lose. Unfortunately for me, I didn't keep that number constant. I kept letting the siren song of the casino draw me back, telling myself I could lose a little more and still be okay, and I ended up a lot more down than I planned. Not to the point where I've wrecked a bunch of things, but it did definitely make me kick myself. From now on, it's hard-and-fast limits plus any free play/earned play from points...then done. On the upside, after a reminder earlier in this thread to check offers, I see that the points I earned have already gained me a $100 instant-savings certificate, which will come in handy. Still, lesson learned -- walk away when I win and know how much I can truly stand to lose.
  8. I began my Oasis cruise a couple of weeks ago on My Time Dining in the MDR. They put me at a table for two that was a booth-style seat on one side and a regular chair on the other. I was seated on the booth side, and there was a couple at the table on my right. (I ended up spending most of the cruise attached to the dining reservation of a group of fellow solo cruisers I met, and we all ate at a standard 8-person round table. For breakfast, I was always at a two-person table, often with the same booth-seat setup, though I had a few days where I was at a table with two traditional chairs, and tables were spread out a bit.
  9. Ahhh, yes...looks like it'll be a case of "call back until I can get it taken care of" situation if they're apparently doing it in at least some instances. If they were uniformly sticking to the policy, I'd just shrug it off, but now... I hope you can get yours sorted, too!
  10. Honestly, I think it comes down to staffing levels. A lot of the crew who worked in the MDR in the evening were turning around and working in the WJ in the mornings.
  11. No. No buffet. They said they didn't know when or if it would return.
  12. I knew it was you, Pat -- that's why I said it like that. Consider it payback for the early birthday shoutout at dinner that one night. You folks really did make my cruise 10x better, though as I said, I know I would've had fun being much more solo, too. To anyone reading this thread and feeling on the fence about a solo cruise, I think everybody should try it at least once if they get a chance!
  13. I had breakfast in the MDR most mornings on my cruise on Oasis at the end of September, and it wasn't bad; I don't know if it was my bad luck or what, though, but ordering my eggs scrambled was not good. They were not very firmly cooked. Other days, though, I ordered an omelet (or two), and had much better results. I just made sure to also always ask for a double-order of my side items. In the Windjammer, it was a really good experience -- except for the wait time for my omelet. Overall, I'd do both options again, especially armed with the breakfast intel I gathered from my previous cruise.
  14. So, I got back from my first RCCL cruise last week: a 7-day cruise aboard Oasis. I was, of course, "Pre-Gold" when I started the cruise. Apparently, per the C&A rep, "Pre-Gold" didn't qualify for the double-double points for solo cruisers, but rather just normal double-points for solo cruisers as if there were no promotion. On all my future cruises I booked before the Sept. 30 deadline, I'll get double-double points as a solo cruiser going forward, but I'm missing out on an additional 14 points because I wasn't at least Gold status when I cruised on Oasis.
  15. I got back from my first solo cruise last week; I was so lucky to meet up with some great fellow solo cruisers at a meet-up event we had on the first day. But even though we did a lot of things together, I also had a great time just doing some things on my own, too. I also struck up conversations with so many other great folks. But even if none of that would've happened, I definitely don't feel like I would've felt out of place even if I spent the entire cruise in full solo mode. Everyone on board felt so welcoming, and it was so much fun to take part in things -- or just to lounge and enjoy the views! The above activities are just a taste of what we got to enjoy, even though we were all technically "solo". Toss in the carousel, a dance party or two, and it was an utter blast -- even if they clearly kept me around as the trivia "ringer". Point is, don't let your "solo" status. Make it the cruise you want, whether that's time with others or by yourself. I hope you have a blast, Donna!
  16. I'm in by myself as part 1 of a B2B2B. Looking forward to kicking off things in grand style!
  17. I didn't get any price drop on my NYE cruise, but I did save a little bit on my Alaska cruise for next spring, so there's plenty of time for it to drop more. Plus, who knows what will happen to the price for my holiday cruises between now and late November for final payment?
  18. Thank you so much for your review; I'm not going to be on Symphony, but I'm considering 28 days aboard Anthem, and it's good to get a peek at what things are like over that time! Getting to know the crew sounds wonderful, too.
  19. I certainly hope they'd let you add it -- the FAQ on that is oddly worded, and I'm not sure if it means you have to provide it when you book or you're out of luck or what, even trying to add it later...
  20. Same here. My travel agent before I found MEI put everything in a group rate in order to be able to show lower rates. But like you, I found it to be too much of a hassle to deal with. UNCFanatik, I hope you're able to get a price drop!
  21. I personally can't get enough sea days! In the 28-day scenario I laid out above, 11 of those days are sea days (not counting embarkation/debarkation days, which are technically partial sea days). The journey would be aboard Anthem, so I think there'd be plenty to keep me busy -- even if I just wiled away some time sitting at the Dog House and enjoying a hot dog or seven, or sampling the bars -- or jumping between doing each. The awesome thing about these B2B2B cruises is there wouldn't be a ton of repeated ports. I'd get a nice sample across the Caribbean: 8 ports, with only one repeat (Philipsburg, St. Maarten). And there's a day at Coco Cay in there, too. Plus, it focuses on the eastern and southern Caribbean; I did the Western Caribbean on my first cruise, and I was not overly impressed.
  22. That would be amazing; I see those cruises and always find myself wanting to do those! I got to thinking about this question because I was looking at that 28-day stretch aboard a ship this holiday season; it's in stark contrast to how overwhelmed I felt on my first (and only, so far...thanks COVID!) cruise, and it was just 5 days. I had fun, but by the time it was over, I was ready to head home. I definitely feel like now, though, I'm much more receptive to longer cruises the more I've thought about it and the more reading I've done about people's experiences (particularly aboard RCCL, in this case, thanks to the Blog).
  23. So glad to hear this. I was definitely trying to figure out how they'd make that work, since the Air2Sea balance got lumped in with the other cruise charges as part of my total. I had horrid visions of having to try and get Royal to understand that this smaller payment I'm making before final payment is for a specific line item, and could they please apply it directly to that...
  24. I'll definitely touch base with my TA and/or Royal (I have one cruise each being handled by them) and see what I get told. It just seems odd, since the Air2Sea fare gets lumped in with the overall cruise cost. But, I'll do whatever I'm told!
  25. Same -- I cruise on the 26th, so I'm gonna be watching what happens!
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