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  1. I received some news today that made me take new stock of this notion of unfair treatment by the CDC. I was originally going to be in Orlando just before Thanksgiving this year for a in-person residency for school. I was going to board Harmony afterward for Thanksgiving at sea. Today, that residency was shifted to completely online. My school has evaluated the situation in Florida and how they think things will look in 3 months and decided going fully virtual is the right way to go. At the same time, two professional meetings I was slated to attend -- one in Seattle in 2021 and one in Cal
  2. I've decided to take a much more measured approach to future cruises. Therefore, please remove the above cruises. Instead, please add: Nov. 21-28, 2021 Harmony (Blog Group Cruise!) I got the date wrong in my original post... Dec. 23-31, 2021 Enchantment (Christmas at sea!) I've lifted and shifted both of these to next year. Right now, I'm recouping all my money from RCCL for cruises between now and Thanksgiving 2021 and making plans after things become more clear. I was being too knee-jerk/YOLO. Sorry for being a pain.
  3. I know this is a slightly old thread, but I thought I'd add in some dates; I got my FCCs for my 7/15 self-cancelation as well as my 10/11 and 6/4 RCCL-cancelled cruises on July 1 and 2. I've ultimately decided to forgo the 125%, so I put in the requests to have them converted to 100% refunds today (7/5).
  4. This also counts for cruises.
  5. One of those memes that make me think of the RCB crowd, especially #TeamDX (myself included!)
  6. I've gone on a cruise-planning spree! These will not only get me to Diamond, but I'll also get to take part in at least one Group Cruise next year! And...my first B2B! Jan. 26-Feb. 6, 2021 Anthem (Cape Liberty-Southern Caribbean) Sept. 25-30, 2021 Freedom (Cape Liberty-Bermuda) Sept. 30-Oct. 9, 2021 Freedom (Cape Liberty-New England/Canada) Nov. 22-29, 2021 Harmony (Group Cruise) (Orlando-Perfect Day)
  7. I hope they'll give you a credit or something! And ugh...okay, so my goal for 2021 is now New England/Canada; I think Alaska's waiting until 2022. Don't think I'll be rocketing from Pre-Gold to Diamond within the next 18 months after all.
  8. Please remove my 10/11/20 sailing aboard Brilliance (the Group Cruise). Currently nothing to replace it with until I do some digging.
  9. Only if we're sailing toward Florida. If we sail in any direction to be further away from you... I've noticed I get the Maryland resident discounts on cruises out of Baltimore (not really a surprise there) and out of Cape Liberty. My Thanksgiving cruise out of Orlando doesn't have a MD resident discount.
  10. Another UDP question as I ponder whether to tie up more money with RCCL while I'm awaiting some refunds for previous cruise planner cancellations and taxes/fees/gratuities, and I'm not really sure I wanna tie up more money right now... Does the UDP ever "sell out"? Though I know none of us know what when-we-resume-sailing is going to look like, should I just bite the bullet and go ahead and secure the UDP now? Price, I'm not too worried about -- I've got OBC and a refund coming -- it's more about quantity available.
  11. When I first went with MEI, I just filled out the form and was assigned Sharla; she's definitely been fantastic! I was trying to move my Thanksgiving cruise from Anthem to Harmony this year due to a change in my availability and location for that week, and she spent 80 minutes on hold just for me...and got it done without any fuss! I honestly don't think you can go wrong with any of MEI's folks, based on all the stories I've read. And as for them being full-service, I think they're a go-to for RCCL/Celebrity/Disney simply because of their extensive experience with those cruise lines, lead
  12. Yes, yes, and yes. In most places where masks are required in restaurants for dining in, the rules state "except when eating or drinking." I would assume the same would go for bars. Social distancing would be tricky, but Royal's smart -- they can figure it out. I'm sorry, but if I'm walking to and from somewhere on the ship and I encounter a large group, I'd prefer to have a mask. Maybe it's because I'm just used to wearing one now without much of a second thought. No, this doesn't make me weak. No, this doesn't make me "not a real man" (whatever the frick a "real man" is... )
  13. My friends and family now have more understanding about how I'm really working when I work/study from home and that it's not all about watching Netflix all day (I can do that WHILE working, thank you very much! ).
  14. It shouldn't. As far as I know, the only time your Cruise Planner purchases would be affected is if you moved your cruise, whether via Lift & Shift, or just in general.
  15. Thank you for the perspective from that side of the border. This, of course, isn't something I want to hear -- but it's certainly something I'm preparing myself for. I've decided that if our 10/11 cruise from Boston aboard Brilliance goes ahead, I'll be on it, even with altered ports. I made that choice for my June sailing which was ultimately cancelled, and I'll do it again if need-be. I'm really looking forward to getting to visit the Canadian ports one day, even if it takes me til next year to do so; I really want to spend time in Halifax when I'm able.
  16. Thanks for the reassurance -- that's how it looked to me, but it's good to hear! And perfectly timed, too...my TA emailed me just now to double-check with me, noting the travel distance and potential time constraints.
  17. Thanks for sharing this! I actually have an AQSC cruise book sitting on my shelf right now, because I was curious about their itineraries and I'd love to do one of their cruises someday, and so it's good to see how they're doing things, even though their product is vastly different than RCCL.
  18. I get it. Totally, I do. None of us want to wear a mask. And honestly, I find myself wondering how RCCL is going to make all of this work; I live in a state that's still only allowing restaurants to do carry-out/curbside delivery, so honestly, I don't even understand how masks and dining areas (and oh, my God -- bars...which I'll admit are gonna be super-important to me!) would even work together...but the thought isn't something I relish. Still, it's something I'd do in order to cruise. I just take comfort in knowing I could just lounge on my balcony without the mask -- or at least so I'd hop
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