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  1. I was planning on scheduling rapid tests at CVS two weeks in advance a couple weeks ago and ran into the same thing, no rapid tests available within 100 miles. I ended up scheduling rapid tests 7 days out at Walgreens instead. About a month ago when I checked CVS website there were rapid tests available to book two weeks out so not sure what the reason for the change was but definitely changed in my area.
  2. Anyone been on the Independence with the Key recently that could share their experience? Were the benefits the same as what was stated for the Freedom above?
  3. I am also interested to know this as well. Hoping someone that has sailed recently with the key can share some insight.
  4. So first time cruiser here looking for some advice regarding Nassau shore excursion timing. Our ships itinerary says we will arrive in Nassau at 7AM and depart at 3:30PM. I was looking at booking the Funky Nassau Jeep Adventure and it is at 9AM. Is it reasonable to expect to be able to get off the ship in time to make the 9AM excursion? Are people actually allowed to start getting off the ship at 7AM?
  5. I was going to check prices for my cruise coming up in December and the RC website is showing that all of the sailings in December are sold out except for suites. When I checked a few days ago there were still plenty of cabins available in all categories. Are all of the Indy December sailings truely full or is this RC limiting the number of rooms they are allowing to be booked due to covid restrictions? Seems like the latter to me, what do you think?
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