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What I Don't Miss About Cruising!


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Have two small things but they can both be frustrating in their own way.

- Getting up early to go for a jog, thinking “I have a good jump starting the day”, get about halfway or more along the jogging track and find a rope and a team of pressure washers.

- Finding a nice quite, relatively secluded spot to relax for a little bit and to enjoy the scenery, views or ambiance of the location.  After taking things in for a bit when I’m ready for a little siesta, a group or activity of some sort comes along disturbing the peace.   

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Certain elevator frustrations:

1. Waiting for an extended period for an elevator while you watch the entire bank of cars move in ways that make little sense. e.g. waiting to go down while watching elevators stop on the floor below you and reverse direction at the same time empty cars from above pass by 😖😳

2. The insistence of some passengers to push their way onto an elevator before those exiting can get off, although they try valiantly and, sometimes, unsuccessfully to depart.

Honorable Mention: the individuals who seem to believe that the elevators are a good place to leave their empty Windjammer-to-go dishes.

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18 hours ago, FManke said:

For months now we have all commiserated about everything about cruising that we miss.

What are some of the things that you don't miss about cruising?

Mine is poolside chair hogs. OK, I admit, that's an easy one.

Happy Cruising! (whenever that is)

The long drive to ports in Florida!

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