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New 7-Night Itineraries

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6 hours ago, JLMoran said:

And don't get me started on Freedom's Bermuda sailings this summer and fall. Compared to Anthem, that 5-night sailing has jumped from around $1,800 for 2 passengers in a mid-ship balcony cabin to nearly $4,000! And that's the same end-of-season October sailing I've done twice on Anthem. Holy highway robbery, Batman!

I did a quick glance at some of the Celebrity sailings and they seemed much more reasonable. For example: 12 night New Zealand cruise out of Syndey Nov 27 on Celebrity Eclipse starts at US $1499/per person and includes drinks, wi-fi and tips.

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Looking through available suites two days after release, an argument could be made that Royal underpriced what many are calling overpriced new itineraries. (I agree based on prices of Nov 2019 release) Many of the sailings released are over two years away and many sailings are sold out in certain categories. Demand (variable) exceeded supply (relatively fixed) due to underpricing. Royal has underestimated consumers willingness to pay and I thank them for that. 

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49 minutes ago, twangster said:

Of course Royal wants to increase prices.  All businesses want to increase profits.

Ultimately it's us who decide if higher prices work or not.  If we don't buy cruises at higher prices they will reduce prices eventually.  If sales are strong at higher rates they will become the new normal.  

Royal is actually late to the game.  Anyone bought building materials lately?  They are through the roof, and people are willing to pay even though they gripe while doing so.  I believe cruising will be the same


lol...just realized my pun...not intended.

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I agree with Twangster... if the market, aka us, are willing to pay more than the cruise lines will make the new prices the norm; however, once the initial fervor subsides it will become more clear if those prices can be sustained.

For me personally I don’t see the Return on my Vacation Investment  (ROVI - new term) at these prices. I can rent a sizable house with a pool on the beaches of NC, SC, and Georgia for 3.5-4K a week. That’s for 4 bedrooms and 2800sqft. Granted I have to pay for food and entertainment for my wife and me but I’m still saving money rather than staying in RC suites that I love on an Oasis class ships. I’m an avid cruise hound and I’ll be back once this subsides but that maybe years from now  but I shall return one day - hopefully?

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