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When is your next cruise?


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1 hour ago, coneyraven said:

I'm slightly amused at how a lot of us that have cruises canceled due to "the Rona" are keeping them in our signatures, just making the "Rona" notation.

I haven't decided what to do with my cancelled Majesty cruise yet.  I guess I will just remove it, the way I always remove any cruises that I cancel, myself.

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Previous 1st ever not DCL,

Harmony November 2019 Wowza!! I wanted more immediately ?

Harmony June 2020 ?

Mariner August 2020?

Odyssey November 2020?

cancelled Mariner November 23, 2020 ?

Symphony May 29, 2021

Add Brilliance June 19, 2021

Allure August 1, 2021

Oasis November 21, 2021

cruise ship ocean GIF by katrikoivula

Edited by Neesa
Updated for accuracy due to RCCL scared cancellations
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YOLO booked it!   Just added 8-night sailing on Odyssey for 2/12/22...

My wife just realized it will be Valentine's Day during that cruise. This will be our first Quantum/Quantum Ultra experience and the first time we're going to Grand Cayman, Curacao and Aruba!  :27_sunglasses:

Only 647 days to go for that one! LOL!


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