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  1. Agreed that location doesn't mater. I've had two agents at MEI one in FL and one in VA while I'm in MA and they were both responsive and very helpful. I highly recommend Michelle over there she's great!
  2. I understand that they need to make sure it meets a certain level which is why they want to standardize it but I agree with you that it should be something unique
  3. I love Chef's Table. I think the combination of the pairings, the food and the company is just unbeatable. The first time I did it the chef was so animated and passionate about what he made you couldn't help but like it. The food is great and the wine pairings are fun. I think if you DON'T have the drink package its a real steal For basically little more than you would pay for the wine you get a great specialty restaurant meal. The problem I have with it now is that menu now seems to be static. I'm not sure what ship @Pima1988 was on but the last two times I was on Anthem it was the same as was mentioned above. I asked about it and they said they wanted to standardize it across the fleet which I get but I'd rather a chef get creative with something, maybe add in a unique dish from where they're from and make it a truly unique experience rather than something that's standard across the fleet.
  4. I did this right before Christmas a couple of years ago. Because of the time of year it wont be super warm but there are a ton of things to do on Anthem. I love the ship and hope to be back on it in December for a 12 nighter. ? Make sure to see the shows!
  5. 365 days away today (366 to my birthday) but who's counting ??
  6. Please let us know what you find out. I'm in the same boat I want to apply it to another cruise but its later this year so I'm a bit worried.
  7. I agree with @WAAAYTOOO quantum is made for colder weather so more of the stuff is inside. Its not as if you can't get outside there are plenty of places for that but it doesn't have the big open spaces like an Oasis class ship has. MDR on Anthem is on par with the rest but I love Wonderland. I can't remember if that's on Oasis class but I think that its the best restaurant I've been to on all the ships (outside of Chef's table).
  8. Please add me to November 25, 2021 on Enchantment of the seas! Just added my next cruise for Turkey day at sea ?
  9. I just mailed mine in last week and they cashed the check right away (6/22) so i'm hopeful new applications are getting turned around quicker, but if you look at the info from last week if they are issuing 50K more than they receive the backlog on 1.6M is 32 weeks ?
  10. Around the world!!! ? Two years gives me enough time to save up ?
  11. I got to use the WOW bands on anthem last year, they were included in our Jr. Suite (along with another couple's but that's another story ?) and I thought they were cool but I only used in in two ways, 1) when I had my hands full (usually with drinks at @twangster says 2) my wife is not an early riser so I would take her seapass card when I went to the gym in the morning (knowing she had her band) so that I could grab us both a coffee on the way back to our cabin. I probably would have used it more if I didn't have to take it off to pay, but I felt bad because it would be wet from the pool or something like that. I could see a near future where all wait staff have mobile readers so you could use without taking it off to help with reducing contact. Also aren't you able to take a band from a previous cruise down to guest services and have it re-programmed for your new cruise? I thought I heard Matt mention something like that on one of the podcasts.
  12. I started using MEI because I wanted to join a Group Cruise and never looked back. They'e very responsive, are great at repricing without having to do anything and gave me some good tips when my cruise was cancelled. Much better than some other agents I've used for family cruises in the past. I use Dannett LeBlanc if you need a specific contact over there.
  13. I was thinking this might end up being a Bermuda cruise, I did one on Serenade of the Seas last year from Boston. Also it could be something like 2 days at sea, Perfect Day, Nassau, two days back. We'll just have to wait and see but hopefully it will end up being something like that and we can still have a blast!
  14. June 10th seems a bit late because then they would be cancelling one day before some scheduled sailings on June 11th. I would think they'd be announcing something in the next week or so to get it out there before memorial day (in the US).
  15. Fingers crossed on these! This is the most amount of cruises I've ever had booked June 26, 2020 - Mariner October 11, 2020 - Brilliance (RC Blog GC!!!) December 7, 2020 - Anthem July 16, 2021 - Anthem (RC Blog GC and Birthday!!!)
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