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Coco Cay, as of today (2/6/19)

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3 hours ago, Pima1988 said:

We booked the Chill Island Cabana for our July cruise bc I know at least that already existed and I would not have to worry.  That and we are beach people.


I think that’s what we booked. This already exists? I really wanted to try the over water cabanas but those obv won’t be ready in June.

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20 hours ago, tonyfsu21 said:

I think that’s what we booked. This already exists?

Yes, they have always existed.  Somewhere in the bowels of the forum, somebody sent me pics of them because I was curious if there was one better spot than another.  There are only 14 of them.  They are located far off from the main area and what I would describe as an inlet. I asked back in Oct so yeah they have been up and running the Chill Cabanas this entire time.

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3 hours ago, jticarruthers said:

Anyone else able to get into Cruise Planner for May timeframe ... all my CocoCay in May reservations are locking up but my November one is fine ... thinking they may be "fixing" availability on some things ...

I was able to book today on the planner for 06/05 for "Swim with the Pigs" excursion...

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