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  1. Thank you everyone for all the info!
  2. coki beach. Just taxi over free entree and just rent a chair or two :)
  3. I have been to St. Thomas twice going back this year. My teens, hubby and me LOVE Coki beach. You can just stand in the water and a crazy amount of fish are everywhere. Best snorkeling I have ever seen. Just take a taxi there and back.
  4. Going to St. Martin for the first time. Suggestion please on a beach. We are a active family of four. 2 Older teens with Mom and Dad. My 18 year old is 7 months post op ACL surgery so we are limited on what we can do but still want options if that makes sense. Looking for a beach with lots to do and near by food.
  5. Truth is there are people in the world that it could literally kill them to be breathing in 2nd hand smoke. They are not snowflakes for not risking their life. I hope you realize how offensive your comment was and think a little more next time before typing such garbage.
  6. "A" might just mean chill island. Mine is at chill and it has an A as well.
  7. We booked two rooms for me, my husband and two kids ages 18 & 13. Would I need to purchase two packages??
  8. Thank you! I guess the web site is just having issues than. Thanks again!
  9. it says 15 min so that it doesn't take up "time" on your calendar when your booking other things. That way you can book other things and it won't error out telling you there is a conflict. I called a few months ago to ask about it. It comes per a person or a couples pass. Hope that helps.
  10. Just came across this video today and thought I would share it.
  11. Great information! I was wondering where the openings are to get in the Central Park.
  12. Thanks for all your answers! Thats what I was looking for... other peoples opinions and why. Noise has never been an issue for us because we are late night family anyway. I was thinking of booking on floor 8 because it seemed like might be fun to be on the garden level. I was also thinking maybe nice to be on a floor that we can easily grab a drink to take back to the balcony. We are getting a ocean balcony. Other cruse lines we liked the higher decks... Also I know on like Disney deck 5 has extra large balconies so I don't know if RC has any secrets like that. I love to hear everyones thoughts. Can't wait to sail RC!!
  13. What is the best floor to stay on in the oasis class. I am booking on Harmony and don't know what deck to stay on.
  14. Awesome they have the rain showers too!? That is great. So the only difference that it sounds like compared to DLC is the hot tubs. If anyone has done both cruise lines please let me know if there are any other differences. And when do I purchase them? Again so so excited :)
  15. Yay so excited. I have cruised DCL and not RCL... at least not in a long time. Loved the spa pass on DCL and so so excited to buy one on RCL!!
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