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  1. the one closet to the port i believe
  2. has anyone heard if beach is okay or damaged any?
  3. does any one have a pretty current menu of the main dining rooms for each night or something to close to it thank you all for being so nice to me up here
  4. i cant figure out how to look up my cruise for that day for that area
  5. wow thank yaw so much for the help very thoughtful of even looking up my cruise times u rock
  6. so can any help me with a round about number with cab fare to this beach and how good the bar there is??? was just looking for some knowledge and advice on it all thank you very much the name is sunset beach bar sxm we are going on sept 15th on harmony of the seas for seven nights
  7. So I see you can pre buy liquor packages but I can only drink grey goose and it looks like the only have absolute vodka, does anyone know if you can get grey goose instead? Thanks I advance for ur help
  8. im curious about which excursion would be best for me and my wife to take on st thomas. we would like to be able also have time to go do some shopping before we have to get on ship and also do any of you any suggestions if it would be better to take our own snorkeling equipment and just find a nice beach to go out on instead of purchasing an excursion and if so which beach would be best
  9. so im lost how do i go about doing something like this? so how do and where do you go to do bids on rooms
  10. so that means the normal price was 73.50?
  11. but how it is half price and still that high? you do the math, 49 x 8 x2 equals 784 so would it be 98 dollars off each one? so wouldn't final price be 588 plus taxes
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