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  1. Thanks! Our cruise is May 31st so hopefully it'll be showing up soon
  2. Quick question... do the excursions that show up on the cruise planner carry over to My Calendar on the Royal app?
  3. So I see a few people signed up / did the flight simulator in Nassau. This excursion does not show up on the planner for me? Do you sign up while on the ship? We'll be in Nassau June 4th...
  4. So I'm showing my age here ? The last time I was in the Bahamas was 21 years ago aboard Sovereign of the Seas. I can't remember if there were mosquitoes, gnats, etc. Should we have bug repellent on hand? We'll be there the first week of June... Thanks!!
  5. We'll be on the Adventure the end of May - we're on Deck 8 almost exactly in the middle of the ship
  6. I totally agree - though I haven't been there since 1998. Even back then the water was phenomenal
  7. The clamshells - plus my air compressor is *tiny* (for a blow-up mattress). Also, since we don't have to fly to /from the port, I don't mind lugging some crap.
  8. Just to bring to the beach. We don't have cabana, but did rent out the beach loungers
  9. Yes to bring to the beach... Aren't the flamingo "beverage" floaties cool? My sister bought those in TX....
  10. Sorry if this has been approached before, but can we bring our own inflatable water floats to use? Like my unicorn? ?
  11. I was able to book today on the planner for 06/05 for "Swim with the Pigs" excursion...
  12. I'm just hoping for the pier at the beginning of June so my friend with mobility issues doesn't have to tender.... *crossingfingers*
  13. @jefro - where are you coming from? We'll be leaving in May also on a Friday and plan to leave our house (CT) around 8:30 / 9am to arrive early....
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