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  1. in response to jolly ogre...i much prefer my beer straight from the tap,and as a last resort ill drink from an aluminum can. bottles are for the most part the lesser evil. but im guessing the ship doesnt carry bottles as to limit any injuries from broken glass so im down to consuming from aluminum so thank you bean 79 for the heads up on another thread. I will say this has been an entertaining topic.
  2. any suggestions on what type of koozie will work on a cruise? do i need a special size for the beer? i think the metal bottles are a different size any help is greatly appreciated
  3. anyone know if they broadcast the show during a cruise?
  4. great advice from both of you! thanks!
  5. ill be on the anthem of the seas in may. im signed up for all the shows,but how do i reserve times for the ifly and North Star?
  6. we have adjoining rooms for our cruise in May the guys on one side,the girls the other. two part question... first, who and or when, can we let rci know we d like the the king bed to be split into 2 and.. who and when do we ask if the divider on the balcony can be opened between our rooms thanks for the answers
  7. ill be coming from rochester NY,picking up my son in westchester then down to jersey. its about a 6 and a half hr ride
  8. thanks Kathy,we'll be leaving on a Saturday. im hoping for light traffic the whole way
  9. cruise planned in may,driving to the port what time is best to avoid a traffic jam at the port? thanks for any input
  10. twangster,im gonna use your experience on this and ask a question should i look to see if someone else is planning a crawl (and where should i loook for that info) or should i get the ball rolling myself? and...wouldnt the cruise like to know ahead of time to help with any problems you listed?
  11. i just saw a youtube video of a pub crawl on the anthem of the seas. is this event organized by the ship or by an individual? it looks totally fun and i want to do it!
  12. i need to pick up my son and since ive never driven in or around that area,approx. how long a drive and any pifalls or high traffic times? this is for a may cruise,so im guessing road work season. thanks for the advice
  13. thanks for everyones imput,i apprieciate it.
  14. does royal caribbean sell beer by the buckets?
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