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  1. I usually book my room two decks above the promenade or two decks below the lido deck, but I'm considering getting a balcony on Deck 13 of the Quantum. It would be just outside of the lower entrance to the Solarium, and under the main Solarium area. What I want to know is how much noise dose one typically hear in their room below the lido deck (assuming the stateroom door, and balcony doors are closed)?
  2. Thank you! I just discovered this rewards perk after booking my next cruise, but I'll certainly do this from her on after.
  3. Some credit card rewards programs have portals on their websites that allow you to book cruises through them to earn extra rewards points, but does anyone know: if you book an RCI cruise through a third party (not the official site) are you able to still enter your Crown and Anchor Society number / earn CAS points on that cruise?
  4. I keep looking at Two Bedroom Grand Suites and trying to talk my family into it. "Come on, it sleeps eight! Look at how big it is! It'll be great!"
  5. With Mackinac Island and Chicago as ports of call?! I can imagine the sight of her docked at Navy Pier!
  6. Thanks for sharing! I’ll be there in mid May and I’m very excited to see it all!
  7. Is there anything I should know or be aware of in regards to doing an excursion that I’m not arranging through Royal Caribbean besides “don’t miss the ship?” I intend to purchase a pass to do a self-guided tour of the Marine Habitat at Atlantis (Nassau) because the official RC excursion is guided and therefore has a set duration. I much prefer to go at a slower pace.
  8. From the Independence in January 2017 for my birthday, and the Anthem in September of 2017 for my honeymoon.
  9. I know the Navigator’s balconies are not built into the hull allowing for the partitions to be removed at the request of both rooms, but is this something that will need to be communicated to RCI ahead of time, or can it be done after embarkation with a phone call?
  10. I’ve been on the Independence and the Anthem with the Navigator coming in the spring. Since I’m still so green I’m trying to spread the adventures out amongst the fleet. However if I were able to organize a family reunion and everyone decided on a ship I had already been on I wouldn’t be upset.
  11. That is a very helpful chart! It reinforces my purchase I made last night to acquire The Key for my junior suite stay when the Navigator gets back from dry dock.
  12. Are passengers allowed to use an action camera (e.g. GoPro) in the Flowrider? I would expect that selfie sticks are not allowed because they are an apparent safety issue, but what about an action camera secured to the forearm/wrist with a heavy velcro strap?
  13. I've found conflicting information regarding the maximum number of passengers available to get The Key on any given ship. I wonder if the reserved seating for The Key accounts for every passenger or if they reserve a smaller number expecting that not everyone would want to attend.
  14. Is the lack of double points to do with it being an upgrade-bid, or do junior suites not earn double points on Oasis class? The didn't discontinue double points for junior suites all together, did they?
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