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  1. I saw Zara Larsson on Harmony of the Seas for a New Years 2017 cruise. I confirmed it was her by looking at her recent instagram pictures aboard the ship, certainly looked better in those than when I saw her first thing in the morning!
  2. Summer 20201 odyssey will sail from Rome, what stops do you hope to see and when will itineraries be released?
  3. Its looking like the itineraries for Melody will be released the week of December 9th
  4. My guess is depending on the success of carnival panorama, royal will debut icon class on the west coast
  5. Since diamond lounge is moving down to Deck 4 (to replace comedy live) my thought is that the teen club will use the two level space where it was before since there is no space for it with the addition of the BBQ restaurant
  6. no, the newer ships too, NCL's Breakaway plus class and the MSC Seaside are 19-20 stories and quantum is 16 with oasis at 18
  7. I hope Icon Class becomes the tallest in the world, too many ships from other lines tower over RC ships making them seem inferior
  8. My bet is that Odyssey will be in fort lauderdale during the fall of 2020 because the sailings during that season aren't available, and then reposition to NJ during the winter
  9. It's seeming more and more like the FYRE festival...
  10. Many don't know this, but imessage works (on iphones only) without buying the internet package, this and the Royal Cribbean app work without buying a package
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