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  1. I think the later sailing are tricky to predict. We are scheduled for November with no change announced yet. We switch over to CocoCay, whereas the groups now are in Nassau for the last stop . I hope they can some how push through without making a change.
  2. Maybe they felt they could move more quickly since passengers weren’t on board to notice the rockiness?
  3. We are the week before you (November 10th). I am struggling on if we should just pay the extra money and switch to a different ship.
  4. I am curious what will happen with the November itineraries. We booked for St.kitts, St. Thomas and Cocoa Cay. If they bump us from st. Thomas And Cocoa Cay we would have to find something else. Does anyone know the difference in going to Nassau compared to Cocoa Cay as far as time and distance?
  5. Loving this blog! My family and (also from the Midwest) sailed on Oasis last year and booked for Allure later this year. Love picking up on the little differences!
  6. When we were there in November we took a taxi right outside the port for a full island tour. It was ok but while we were eating lunches there happened to be a fire nearby that completely blocked up traffic. The driving maneuvers our driver did, I never would have felt comfortable doing. Their driving is kind of wild😁
  7. It looks like 10 and under need an adult. Honestly my kids were pretty timid at first and I don’t think they would have been comfortable without us. Our 6 year never even touched the dolphin during the encounter (which is a really great story after the fact 😂.) We had debated between Blue Lagoon and Atlantis but Blue Lagoon sold out. The dolphin encounter was one of my favorite parts of our trip. The rest of Atlantis was just ok.
  8. Completely cruise dependent. I was on Oasis in November and they didn’t have them available, a few sailings later they did. Many people have reported good luck calling and being able to purchase a drink package for just one person in the room.
  9. That is such a tough choice. The ABC islands are on my bucket list. We chose Eastern soley on being able to avoid he flights. It is definitely not cheap to fly to PR. If hat is no worry then good luck deciding, no matter what you choose it will be awesome!
  10. Blue Lagoon you can just get a pass for the beach day, you don’t have to pay the same amount if you aren’t doing the encounter. we did the Atlantis dolphin excursion and the dolphin part was good but the rest of the day was just ok. We had planned to do Blue Lagoon but they sold out. If we ever go back to Nassau we would ty Blue Lagoon.
  11. Here are mine- only one under my belt so just a couple to pick from 😁. St.Maarten port and Honeymoon beach on Water Island.
  12. Last time we were in St. Thomas we did a snorkel at Buck island and then went to Honeymoon beach on Water Island. We are either doing the same excursion or just taking the water taxi over to Water Island our selves. The beach was amazing with great food at Dhingy’s.
  13. Thank you! I will keep an eye for it to be added once we get closer!
  14. It was the Caribbean 'FastCat' 2-Island Snorkeling Safari and Beach Getaway. It is confusing why there are so few options for this port. Hopefully I am just early to the show
  15. Last November we sailed on Oasis and did an excursion in St. Thomas we loved. We booked on Allure for this coming November and the same excursion is not available to book. It seems there are few excursions in St. Thomas to book right now. When I do the generic search for St. Thomas excursions there are 38 offerings, but when I go through my cruise planner maybe half of that are listed. Will more become available as we get closer or is different because of different ship offerings?
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