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  1. Buckyfan

    Dolphin experience

    Blue Lagoon you can just get a pass for the beach day, you don’t have to pay the same amount if you aren’t doing the encounter. we did the Atlantis dolphin excursion and the dolphin part was good but the rest of the day was just ok. We had planned to do Blue Lagoon but they sold out. If we ever go back to Nassau we would ty Blue Lagoon.
  2. Here are mine- only one under my belt so just a couple to pick from 😁. St.Maarten port and Honeymoon beach on Water Island.
  3. Buckyfan

    St. Thomas

    Last time we were in St. Thomas we did a snorkel at Buck island and then went to Honeymoon beach on Water Island. We are either doing the same excursion or just taking the water taxi over to Water Island our selves. The beach was amazing with great food at Dhingy’s.
  4. Buckyfan

    When are excursions available to book?

    Thank you! I will keep an eye for it to be added once we get closer!
  5. Buckyfan

    When are excursions available to book?

    It was the Caribbean 'FastCat' 2-Island Snorkeling Safari and Beach Getaway. It is confusing why there are so few options for this port. Hopefully I am just early to the show
  6. Last November we sailed on Oasis and did an excursion in St. Thomas we loved. We booked on Allure for this coming November and the same excursion is not available to book. It seems there are few excursions in St. Thomas to book right now. When I do the generic search for St. Thomas excursions there are 38 offerings, but when I go through my cruise planner maybe half of that are listed. Will more become available as we get closer or is different because of different ship offerings?