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When is your next cruise?


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On 11/8/2023 at 9:47 AM, WAAAYTOOO said:

I would love to book one of the Euro cruises but the airfare has me scared.  I think we're just going to stick close to home for now.

My wife and I decided we'll eat the $100 pp change fees and cruise closer to home if airfare in 2025 is beyond our reach.  We were able to score one of those corner balconies on deck 7 with the larger balcony on Independence, and Spain is on the bucket list, so our fingers are crossed that we can swing it.

We just booked flights to Southampton yesterday for our cruise in October 2024....way more than we wanted to pay, but still within our total budget.  After flying home from Italy cramped in economy, with iffy connecting flights, we paid extra for premium economy and non-stop flights.  The jump to premium came just short of doubling the airfare. 🫣😢


Edit:  Actually booked flights to Heathrow for a cruise out of Southampton.

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YOLO booked it!  😀  🇪🇸  🇫🇷  🇮🇹

Please add:

Allure, 5/11/25... Western Mediterranean

Book Later reservation from Next Cruise burning a hole in my pocket. I've never been across the Atlantic so this is a bucket list item for me! We'll see how the airfare works out... worst case scenario, I'll just lose my $200 reduced deposit.

Will be our second time on Allure (was hoping for Symphony to return). Hopefully, at worst she'll be all cleaned up and shiny after her drydock, at best she'll be amplified! 🙂

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10th of February 2024, Symphony 8 night Southern with Aruba, Curacao and Labadee.

It's my birthday and also apparently Super Bowl which I found out by chance after I booked. The only thing I know about Super Bowl is that it's a big deal Stateside 😂. So I guess it's likely to be a busy cruise!

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