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  1. This is a great question. I would also be curious to hear to hear what the ship guru's have to say. Our first cruise was on the Grandeur and it was lovely. Now that Enchantment is in Baltimore, we'd like to check her out.
  2. Turns out they didn't charge me either...for the cabin move anyway. I am embarrassed to admit I forgot a very important detail that @Ampurp85 helped me to remember. Having done this all back in January, I forgot that I had originally booked a different cruise, then switched to the Brilliance. My brain stored that little tidbit in a whole different file, lol. I am very happy she helped me remember before I made an ass out of myself with my TA. You guys might could use the giggle at my expense though.
  3. Thanks for clarifying @Ampurp85 ! It all makes more sense now seeing as how your experience has been that you've never been charged the change fee to move up a cabin category. It didn't sound right to me that at over a year out that they would charge us an extra $200 to free up a balcony and pay more for a JS. Like I said, I totally get the ship/dates/itinerary change charge, you make great points there. But, when we made the move to the new ship, that original 'cabin only' upgrade change fee moved to the new reservation so now I am paying $400 more for this cruise instead of just $200 and the original cruise has been cancelled. Had I waited a week, my cruise would be $400 less! I wonder if others have been charged to upgrade their room on the same ship for the same dates/itinerary like I was. I'm gonna go dig around in the rules on the website and see what I can find, maybe something changed? I use a TA and he didn't question it but maybe his info was wrong?
  4. Did they still charge you the $100pp change fee?
  5. I see what you're saying but if they were to down grade after the upgrade, they would have to pay a change fee for that too, right? Or maybe I misunderstood, I am really easy to confuse. I just don't think of things in the "how can I beat the system" sense so I vent, but in the back of my head figure there must be a reason for it somehow. We were on the Brilliance and we upgraded from balcony to JS and they charged us the fee. Then, just before they cancelled the Brilliance itinerary (like a week before) we switched to Odyssey and were charged another change fee. So, I get charging us for the ship hop, but I didn't think charging us for the Brilliance balcony to JS was very fair. Don't get me wrong, we knew the rules and we'll pay it, but it doesn't mean we have to like it or let it happen again. We have certainly learned our lesson. lol
  6. I second the other folks. Before I got my passport, I would just bring a copy of our marriage license to show with my birth certificate.
  7. I am team Quantum for now, but we are taking Mariner to Bermuda in a couple weeks so that could change. We are still in the beginnings of our exploration and have Grandeur and Anthem checked off the list so far. I hear so many great things about Mariner...the next 17 days are going to be rough! We have Odyssey slated for next June and I hope to add a few shorter getaways in between so I may have a more informed opinion in next years poll. lol
  8. I am also OK with the NRD and like most others, we always buy trip coverage in case worse comes to worse but the fee I'm not ok is the change fee. Especially if the change you make is an upgrade in their favor and made at over 300 days out. I just can't wrap my head around why they think its a good idea to penalize and as such deter customers for wanting to spend more money.
  9. I checked our check in today to see if our vaccine card was accepted and they were! I wonder when Bermuda will let us know our authorization was approved. I am pretty sure I read somewhere that we no longer have to upload our test results to the Bermuda website. I may be a little too excited, a little too early! lol
  10. That is almost exactly the one I saw that prompted this inquiry except yours is even cheaper than the one I found. lol Thanks for sharing Neesa!
  11. Thanks Wordell1. The same thing occurred to me but thought I'd ask since this float was so cool and super compact. lol In the end I am sure I will either forget about it or it would lose a priority war with more important stuff as I pack.
  12. Hi! I was online window shopping and came across a really cool compact inflatable float/lounge on sale. I don't recall seeing anything about this as I was doing my research. Can we bring our own floats to CocoCay with us? Thanks! ~T
  13. So excited! Cruise Docs came today. We are trying not to check any bags for this trip but it makes it all more real when you get those luggage tags. lol 30 days to go! How is everyone doing with navigating the Bermuda travel authorization application?
  14. Welcome to the board Adele! There is so much great info here. I've been a regular since around January of this year and have learned A LOT! I think this was a great choice for a first cruise back. Bermuda is just wonderful and I hear Mariner is a great ship. We just have to bear in mind that things are so much different due to the pandemic. It might be a good idea to modify your expectations accordingly. My hubs and I have taken the stance that any day on a ship headed for a beautiful island, even masked, while the ship is short staffed, is a lot better day than one at work! lol Don't forget to apply for your Bermuda travel authorization if you haven't done so already.
  15. Hi Allen, I can't recall how much I paid for the membership but I am positive its paid for itself several times over in the last year...but a great tool for help in cabin selection is this site: https://www.cruisedeckplans.com -pictures and sometimes video plus floor plans and the cabin guru section will let you know of anything you should watch out for, for the most part. It's not 100% guaranteed you will find details for every cabin on every ship but it's a great place to start. I also always search here and on another board for cabin reviews and of course there is always YouTube for great reviews too. Even if you can't find your exact ship and cabin, you can almost always find a review of a similar cabin in the same class of ship you will be sailing on. Hope that helps! ~T
  16. Hi there! We are so close now! I haven't seen the waterpark for less than that unfortunately. We've never been to Coco Cay but are very much looking forward to a relaxing beach day. This is our 3rd trip to Bermuda. You and your son will LOVE it. Have you done your Bermuda Travel Authorization application yet? ~T
  17. This is true though. I was told they have a highly patented, super secret calorie sucking machine in the kitchen that each ingredient goes through before its delivered to the passengers via special plates that keep the calories from returning to the food before it's eaten. Utensils also have magic powers to deter calories from counting. Heard it from a very reputable source. Just kidding. I made that up but wouldn't that be so cool!?
  18. I have a passport now but before I just brought my BC, marriage license and DL and had no issues on a closed loop cruise. Bring it all and you should be3 fine too! Happy Sailing!
  19. We're getting close folks. I am so excited. Did everyone else get the notice about cutting our port day in Nassau short? Just curious if anyone has any insight as to reasons that this happens. I have seen it before on other itineraries but never a cruise I am actually booked on.
  20. Our first cruise was on the Grandeur to Bermuda and the reason why we 1. got hooked on cruising and 2. rarely venture out to other lines. The Grandeur is a great ship. She was SO lovely. I was super sad to see she left Baltimore for Galveston. I like the smaller, older ships as much as I like the big, new ships. We will always have a special place in our hearts for Grandeur, for sure.
  21. We are going in August so I looked up all the requirements early and it looks like the list updates weekly to show cruises about 30 days or so out. So you're a little early. I would personally check every day to see if my ship has populated yet if I was just 50 days out, but then I'm "that person"...ha ha ha. I have set a reminder for myself to start checking daily around the 40 day mark. Enjoy your trip! This will be our 3rd time to Bermuda and I will NEVER get tired of visiting this beautiful island. ~T
  22. I had the same experience as @NaturalNine. Cancelled shore excursions on 4/1 but the refund didn't show up pending until 4/7. Its posted now though. I figured it would take at least a week so I was happy. I hope you see it post soon!
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