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Oasis / Atlantis Cruise

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This is, apparently, what's happening on the Oasis right now, where there is currently a chartered cruise.

I'll be the first to admit I don't know much about the regulations or economics of chartered cruises, who's in control, etc., but with all the problems going on with infected staff and having to cancel sailings, why would they allow this right now, as it clearly endangers upcoming sailings?

(I want to be very clear that absolutely not one ounce of my sentiment here has anything to do with the fact that this is a gay cruise. I have nothing but full support and love for the LGBTQ community and events like this, which I'm sure are a blast.)  

I also found a post on Twitter saying that Atlantis (the folks chartering the cruise) are encouraging cruisers not to post on social media -- likely for exactly this reason, as it could potentially reflect badly on both RC and the LGBTQ community.



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In case you're interested, here's a NYT article about the cruise:

Most notable: Part of the problem is that Atlantis (unlike Royal) is not allowing cancellations, so many of these people are choosing to go rather than lose $ thousands. 

The article also says, "While the company does not offer refunds, it says that the health and safety of its guests is a top priority and it will be enforcing Royal Caribbean’s health and safety protocols, which includes a mask mandate indoors except while eating and drinking and in crowded spaces outdoors."

That seems to have gone out the window!

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What is the source for this image? Accoring to the Atlantis Events site, there is talk of COVID19 capacity restrictions, so it's be interesting to know if this is a current photo or if someone is trying to put cruising into a bad light by providing false information.


Here's the link to the site --  https://atlantisevents.com/Oasis-Caribbean-Cruise

on the pricing page, there is is this as well.


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4 minutes ago, Reigert2008 said:

What is the source for this image?

I thought the same at first, but it does appear to be legitimate. You can find more photos on various social platforms. And there definitely is an Atlantis cruise going on right now on Oasis. 

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1 hour ago, Reigert2008 said:

I  still want to believe that it is a "stock photo" from an old event.  Maybe @Matthas a resource that he can reach out to for comment or information.


There is a private Facebook group for this sailing. I joined the group a few days ago to see what people say about how the cruise goes, whether they miss any port calls or not, etc.

Some photos posted there today look like the same crowd, same day. I also had hoped that this was a pre-Covid photo but it looks like it's the current sailing. I would say it's likely since the NYT article indicates they are sailing with 4,700 guests. 

Increased guest numbers over holiday sailings led to cancellations of subsequent cruises, it seems. I am sailing on Oasis in a few weeks and I really hope we won't be affected by the case-count aftermath of this. 😖

If it is true that Atlantis' policy was nonrefundable cancellation: shame on Atlantis. Tone deaf policy in this era.  



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The Atlantis group has a very checkered past with their charters, with people dieing on sailings in the past.

That being said, while I would not think this is a good thing to do at all, here's another great example of the double standard cruise lines face.  

Large unmasked grouping outside is a problem?


Disney World recently

Bills vs Pats game last weekend


WWE Monday Night Raw earlier this week INDOORS

Screenshot - 2022-01-19T103137.282.png


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We were on Oasis last week and our Genie told us that Atlantis is bringing all their own entertainment and even customer service agents. RC was adding an additional 250 staff to the ship to accommodate the additional guest counts as well as long hours the chartered cruise keeps!! The problem with charters is they pay a certain amount to charter the whole ship and the promoter must sell so much to break even or profit. Promoters, unlike RC are not in it for the long haul, instead they must profit to move on to the next big festival and profit. Hence, unfortunately, they must pack the ship as seen in the picture. I feel for the staff who must be around so many people. I know that if they get Covid, two weeks away greatly impacts the money they make when they depend on the tips. Families at home count on most of them. Here's to hoping the staff remains healthy and it doesn't impact the next few cruises on Oasis. We had such a fabulous cruise last week that I hope those that follow continue to have the same experience. 

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56 minutes ago, FF86 said:

But... you can't trace a positive case back to the theme parks, WWE event, or NFL game; at least not with any certainty.  They have that major advantage over cruises.

Totally true. But it's worth reminding non-cruisers of this double standard when brought up.

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8 hours ago, MattG said:

I'm more impressed at the engineering of the Aquatheatre stage - they let THAT many people on there? That's amazing! 

I'm also wondering how that many passengers affects displacement or load on the ship. 

I would guess if you could get past the impossible feat of fitting 5000 passengers in the aquatheatre it would have little to no affect on that monsters displacement. 

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