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??? Labor Day Sale ???


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2 minutes ago, wordell1 said:

I have low expectations that any price will be different from last weeks "sale"

I have noticed ever since the shutdown their "Sales" are not even close to what they were pre pandemic. Their "sale" prices now are more like the usual prices before the shutdown. I understand, but kind of disappointed.

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I am very happy to see that RCCL is back In Los Angeles for the Mexico Itinerary.  I will be taking quite a few weekend getaway trips now that there is no airfare required for me.  But now on this topic.  I booked a December Mexico trip and two days later they had a 1 day flash sale for California residents only featuring this exact cruise.  Not wanting to miss out on the savings I checked it out. The final result was that I would be paying $11 more for the "Sale."   Some times you get lucky and some times you don't. 

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45 minutes ago, Matt said:

That's really not an awful price. I'd book it because it won't be cheaper onboard.

Gonna hold off until Black Friday (Cruise isn’t til March). If it hasn’t budged by then, I will bite the bullet.  I know, rolling the dice.  But since the price has been the same for EVERY SALE since January, I’m gonna chance it.

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