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Only reply in this thread when you see an Adventure of the Seas sailing to book!

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Please only reply in this thread once you see a new Adventure of the Seas sailing to book!

Many of us (myself included) want to know the second new sailings become available.

So I've set up this thread where we can all hit the follow button to be notified when someone does see one.


Do not reply at all until you spot a new sailing to book.

If you do see a sailing to book, reply with what you're seeing (web, phone, bat signal) so others can jump on it too!

Thank you in advance to whomever helps spot these all first for all of us!

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Because @Lovetocruise2002 is stuck in Canada and isn't going.  Otherwise she would have started one a month ago before Royal announced it.

You guys...I am so sad reading this thread, you have no idea.  FOMO is real. 😭 Someone else will have to blog this summer.  I am headed to the mountains.  We won't be vaccinated in time.  Hubby is

My amazing Travel Agent, Michelle at MEI had me booked by 7:00 a.m. Texas time for June 19 sailing. I got air DFW non stop to Nassau $400 round trip. We chose to go a day early and booked the Marriott

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38 minutes ago, Brogan said:

Are the sailings available on their website yet? I cant see them yet. 🤔 

It's been common for travel agents to have access while they are being loaded in the system.  

They don't appear on the public site yet but that should be very soon.

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SAILING DATES:   June 12, 2021 - SEPT 11, 2021 (last date)
Insides, Ocean Views, Balconies, Suites

FInal payment date is 31 March 2021 for early June sailings

June 12th rates are just about $50 less for these categories below
July rates go up and are higher, lower again later Aug  - Sept

June 19, 2021 - (not putting in any qualifiers, includes all taxes)
Inside Cabin - $1994 total - 2 people
Ocean View - $2115 total - 2 people
Balcony Cabin - 2D - $2214 total - 2 people
Connecting balony $2184 total -2 people


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6 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

Grand suite for 3 with the third being a 9 yr old?  And how fast can a reservation be transfered from rc to a ta? I have one on allure I'd have to cancel to book this one

After final payment they can't be transferred.  So if your date is less than 90 days out you need to book through a TA (and pay in full) to have them manage it.  Over 90-92 days away and you have time to transfer it.

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8 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

This is late July so I'm good there

From what I've experienced a booking needs to age a day or two before the RC transfer system can see it to initiate the transfer.  

Late July is well over 100 days out so no worries getting it transferred, just don't pay in full when you book.

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26 minutes ago, JLMoran said:

These prices are... surprisingly reasonable for 7-night sailings. I'll keep in mind the fact that many likely include C&A discounts, but this is making me really hopeful for a Bermuda booking on Vision.

I am very happy to see this but I do expect rates to go up as the ship books up on a particular date.

Royal has to be watching and itching to nudge prices up if demand is strong.  The early birds may get the (cheapest) worms.  

bird dancing GIF

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