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What is your favorite memory from your last cruise you took?

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It was our 7th wedding anniversary and we decided to take the 2019 holiday cruise on Mariner since we never had a honeymoon. We had so much fun but one of our favorite things is the unlimited dining p

My (then) 19 y/o son did the second leg of my back to back with me back in Jan-Feb.  I encouraged him to go Quest even though I was too tired to go.  He went and ended up being a team captain.  The

This will probably sound pedestrian compared to the cool adventures already posted, but the first thing that popped into my head was, on our last cruise on Lady O in 11/18, after dinner my wife and I

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My favorite memory from the last cruise I took was in January on Mariner. We'd just been reintroduced to cruising, caught the  bug and had booked a few future trips for my husband and I but didn't have many we'd already taken. I managed to talk my cousin into going on a weekend Mariner trip for his 40th birthday and of course I had to come along, it was just the 2 of us. I'd been reading these boards and hearing about solo cruising and it really appealed to me since I have much more PTO annually than my husband, but didn't think I would actually go on vacation by myself.

My cousin ended up connecting with someone, I didn't want to be a 3rd wheel and the only time I saw him was at the end of the night so I got to experience what felt to me like the closest I'd get to a solo cruise. I had all day and evening to do whatever I felt like and it was glorious!

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Ok I would have to say that there are two memories from our last cruise that were my favorites.  The first one was the first night that we had dinner at CK and how amazing the staff and food was! The second was pulling up at CocoCay and seeing all of the revisions for the first time! I was somewhat against both of them at first but QUICKLY changed my mind after experiencing both of them!😁


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