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  1. I was just watching Matt live on Facebook on my phone, and a few people were asking about what other ships would be in Coco cay while they were there. I had just found this site last night that lists all the ships there on any day in 2020. http://crew-center.com/perfect-day-coco-cay-bahamas-cruise-ships-schedule-2020
  2. We sailed on Grandeur twice, April 2019 and September 2019. Going again in April 2020. First, don't over pack. If possible, arrive in the area the day before. Get to the Port by 10:30 If you like to drink, buy the package now There is so much good food included, we never considered the dining package If you like to gamble, bring plenty of cash If you smoke cigarettes they sell cartons cheap ( once you get out of port ) Check out the cruise compass every day But the most important thing is ENJOY YOURSELF
  3. I picked up a phone bag at Walmart Onn Mobile Phone Waterproof Bag Fully Submersible with Transparent Finish For 5 dollars, but I didn't really didn't use it much, so I found another use for it.
  4. We use 70 e to 68 east to get to Hagerstown, then I think 70 to the Port Would need to find the trip tic to be sure, lol
  5. It's about 6 hours from where we live in Ohio to the Baltimore port, so we leave the day before and spend the night at Hagerstown. It's just over an hour to the Port, so we get there, check our bags, and are having a drink at the R bar by 11.
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