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  1. It sure if this is correct but I read somewhere that I would have to pay the deposit to hold the cabin for rebooked cruise. Once I apply the FCC they would refund the deposit I made for the rebooked cruise.
  2. Hello this FCC stuff is very confusing . I understand the taxes fees and port charges are refunded to you . So you only get FCC on your base fare . Example by base fare for me was $ 1039 and my wife’s is also $1039 . So with 125% FCC would be $1299 for each of us . If if I want to rebook a cruise with RC using the FFC . I can’t use the FCC for the taxes fees and port charges I understand that . It’s the deposit I can’t wrap my head around . From what I have gather I have to pay the deposit not using my FCC is this correct ? Isn’t his RC getting more money from me to cruise with them ? Can anyone explain this to me ?
  3. Yeah I checked them out just was hoping for something closer to the port
  4. Yeah they are a no go for sure
  5. Hello we are going on Liberty of the Seas and one of our stops is in Cozumel . I would like to rent a Jeep for the day and check out the east side of island . It would be me my wife and two teenaged daughters . I have tried contacting HTL by email four times with on response . Is there a place at the port where we can rent a Jeep ?
  6. Quick question about luggage . We get off the cruise on April 5th but we can’t check into our air b&b until 3 pm . They won’t let us drop off our luggage before 3 pm . Is there any where we could do this so we don’t have to carry around with us while we explore the Strand ?
  7. My kids used there Gift cards on Oasis and they were Canadian gift cards !
  8. Ok thanks just have no idea what normal price is . Thanks for info !
  9. So this just appeared in my cruise planner and after working it out and changing from CND to USD it looks like 80 USD per person . Is this a good price ?
  10. Quick question we don’t cruise until March 29th 2020 . Is spring break around that time ? Also flying in arriving in the evening would we be better to get hotel close to airport and take Uber or shared service to port or go to Galveston the night we arrive ?
  11. Hello so I have read and heard all different sort of answers to this question. If I buy deluxe drink pkg on Liberty of the seas will it work on embarkation day ?
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