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We Still Do – Vow Renewal on Harmony - 1/26/20 – 2/2/20

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Semi live blog, we’ll see how that works out!


10 days to go!!! Crown Loft Suite - Deck 17


Day 1 - Port Canaveral 😊

Day 2 - Sea Day – Ship stuff – formal night, main dining anniversary celebration planned by TA

Day 3 - Sea Day

Day 4 - St. Maarten (Anniversary Day!) – Island tour, vow renewal in our suite, Izumi Hibachi, After Party

Day 5 - San Juan – Beach Day

Day 6 – Sea Day

Day 7 - Coco Cay – Overwater Cabana Booked!!!

Day 8 -


This will be our second cruise and we will be celebrating out 10th Anniversary on this cruise. Myself, my wife and our 8 year old daughter are in a Crown Loft Suite, My sister in law and mother in law, and 2 other families that we are friends. 11 People total with 3 kids all 8 years old. Since we have the grandma on board so looks like we might have some good child care options for the kids! (not sure if grandma knows that yet though lol)


We are flying out of Newark, NJ the day before into Orlando and staying at a hotel near the port. We used to live in Florida so we are very familiar with the areas. I only care about 1 thing at the port, I needs me a Cuban Sandwich. You just can’t get good Cuban food in Jersey.


We put in a bid to Royal Up to a 2 bedroom aqua theater suite, that would catapult us into Star Class but I’m not going to get my hopes up too much on that! (but a guy can wish right?)


Things I am most excited for to:

·         The 10 year celebration! We are planning to do a vow renewal. I wish some of my family was able to attend but it just wasn’t in the cards. My sister in law is going to host the service and it looks like we will be having it in our suite.


·         The overwater cabana! We booked an overwater cabana for our Perfect Day at Coco Cay. It looks like we will be one of the first to get to experience this. Expect lots of pictures! (They are supposed to be opening these up on Jan 31st and we are there Feb second… hope it’s ready in time!!)


·         Sailing with friends and family! This is going to be great. We should get lots of “adult time” with other people. Our last cruise was just the 3 of us on a Disney Cruise. It was our best family vacation ever but it’s going to be great to experience a cruise with friends on board.


·         The “suite life”! We were ruined years ago when we upgraded to a concierge experience on one of our vacations, now we can only travel like this. We take full advantage of the perks and it really does add to our enjoyment.


I am an extreme over planner. Vacations are my jam. I have a bunch of activities already planned out. To make sure we see as much as possible I have been working on a scavenger hunt that will send us out in teams to take pictures of stuff and activities around the ship. I am very excited about this.


So what are some must see things for Harmony? Let’s hear them!


Now I just need to finish my vows…

Here's the invite my wife made to send to everyone traveling with us.




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Here is my current draft of the scavenger hunt. If anyone has any ideas I'm up for adding more!



Harmony of the Seas Scavenger Hunt


Get out there and explore the ship to win the grand prize!



·         To participate each group is to buy an item around $20 from the ship. Winner gets all the items. 2nd place gets the item the winner bought. If there is a tie all items are split to the winners. Points will be tallied when we are back on the ship day 7.

·         Your group is everyone in your stateroom

·         Pictures only! Be respectful, people watching pics should be done with them in the background or after asking permission to take a picture!

·         1 point per item unless noted


Things around the ship:

o   3 different food menus

o   Each letter of your last name from the signs around the ship ( no repeat pics for the same letter)

o   A picture of our ship and another docked from the shore

o   A parade

o   Life Preserver

o   Find the grass area for service animals

o   Bartender mixing a drink

o   Someone playing a piano

o   A performer in a full costume with a mask on 

o   A Statue

o   A picture of the room numbers for all these rooms – 8729 -3180 -10500 -14330

o   A Gnome

o   Ice Cream Cone

o   Another Cruise Ship

o   The fortune teller

o   A Chef

o   Bird on the ship (not flying)

o   Park Bench

o   A Long Line

o   A dog on the ship

o   Casino chip

o   A Green Chair

o   A model of the cruise ship

o   Palm Tree

o   A Sea Shell

o   A Decorated Stateroom Door

o   A plastic fish

o   The Wake of the Ship

o   Towel Animal

o   A Sunrise or sunset

o   Ship Flag

o   Animal shape made from ice or food

o   Purple flower

o   Something with the name of the ship on it


People Watching

o   Someone on your team sleeping in the middle of the day

o   Someone Ice Skating – +2 points if it’s someone on your team

o   The Captain - +3 points if someone on your team is in the picture

o   Cruise Director - +3 points if someone on your team is in the picture

o   Someone wiping out on the Flowrider - +3 points if the person is on your team

o   One of your teammates exiting the Abyss

o   Someone on the Zipline – +3 points if it’s someone on your team

o   Someone on your team climbing the rock wall

o   A dolphin

o   A Conga Line

o   Two people with matching shirts

o   Someone else taking a photo

o   Each member of your team with a different drink (group or solo pics. No same drinks in any picture)

o   Someone eating a cookie

o   A member of your team in a pool -

o   Someone on your team playing minigolf

o   One of your team using exercise equipment

o   Someone not in your group making out  

o   A team member on the carousel

o   A team member winning on a slot machine

o   Someone from your team in the ocean

o   Someone in extremely casual clothes in the middle of formal dressed people on a formal night

o   Big mustache

o   Someone with big hair

o   A stranger carrying more than one drink with their hands (+2 points for each drink past 2) – No crew members!

o   A guy wearing a banana hammock

o   Anyone in a t-back bathing suit

o   A plumbers crack

o   An overly “busty” women (no team members 😛 )

o   A super hairy guy with no shirt on

o   Someone sunbathing with their top untied or off

o   Someone with a bad sunburn

o   Someone on your team noticeably drunk (+2 point for video)

o   Someone dancing inappropriately (+2point for video)

o   One of the 2 single people cruising with us flirting with a man

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8 hours ago, Rags1 said:

Congratulations!  Hope you all have an awesome time.  If you haven’t already, let your concierge know of your plans, they may be able to help make it special!  Have a great cruise   

Yeah I'm going to let them know once i get the email from them, heard it comes pretty last minute.

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I swear i wasn't drunk when i wrote that the first time. I wife proofed it and made fun of me. I still didn't fix all the errors but at least a few lines arent gibberish anymore lol.


Don't expect perfect grammar or coherent thoughts. I usually take a good picture though!

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I'll be posting a room review afterwards but for those that are interested i'm in Crown Loft Suite  1702. It's a partially obstructed view but it was about much less than the normal ocean view suite  and the same price as the interior facing Crown lofts. I researched it and it doesn't seem the obstruction is anything to worry about. It's directly next to Coastal Kitchen, so breakfast should be nice and close!



As stated in the opening post I entered a Royal Up bid on a 2 Bedroom Aquatheater Suite (Star Class🤩 ). For those that want to follow the bid process...  $730 pp ($1460 total) was on the top end of a weak bid. Those rooms are very limited so I'm not getting my hopes up. The cost of the upgrade would almost be budget neutral when you take out the drink packages and prepaid gratuities.  I probably should have bid more but I don't want to push my budget too much more than i already have.


Oh man a genie would really just make some additional magic though! 🧞‍♀️. Guessing i won't get my rejection message until the day before sailing. I just want some closure!!!



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Love your scavenger hunt idea!  Congrats on your anniversary...good luck with the Royal up bid 🤞🏻🤞🏻
you are sailing with the best Cruise Director, Marc Walker.  He’ll enjoy posing for pictures with you for the scavenger hunt.

Have a great cruise.

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6 more days!!! Things just got real! The concierge email just came!


I sent them a response already.. I introduced myself and my family, made them aware of our anniversary and vow plans, asked a few questions about reservations for dining and asked if they could provide any updates on the overwater cabanas.


This week is already dragging on.  I  tried to do some shopping but all the stores here just have winter stuff out for guys, i already mapped out a local cuban place near our hotel in coco beach just in case the inlaws don't come through with the sandwich from my old local place in Tampa, and i've read every event on the app a 100 times.


Anyone got any tips on passing time in the last week of waiting? Anyone request anything special from concierge?

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3 hours ago, bossdog421 said:

Anyone got any tips on passing time in the last week of waiting?

When you get this information, please pass it on !  I would love to know what can make this time pass more quickly !

If you have the Unlimited Dining Package, be sure to have the Concierge make your dining reservations for embarkation lunch and dinner on the first night.

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