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    Cabin It was quite hard to decide which cabin to book , our last cruise to this area (Hong Kong to Singapore) was in inside virtual balcony room and we were quite happy with that but this time we wanted something different so we decided on JS. After checking out what is available we booked the J1 Sliver JS with big balcony , its actually an aft balcony , so another firs for us. We took it so we will have some place to relax in the room if needed , the option to enter to the solarium (although I read that also diamonds are allow there) and maybe to eat in the silver dining room that until now I could not understood if its a dining room , lounge and what is going to be serve there, as I said its going to be interesting. There is not much information on RCL site regarding what are the perks that comes with the Silver/Golden cabins comparing to Sea/Sky/Star which has the exact description of what you can expect., I hope it will be a nice surprises. Like all the Q classes that were build to the Asian market also in Spectrum of the seas you can find deck 13 as 13 dose not consider a "bad" number like in Europe and US, Actually Chines lucky numbers are more 6- for smooth live , 8 for wealth and fortune (which can explain why many slots machines in Asia are associate with 8 and 88) and 9 for eternity. On the other side , 4 is the 13 , 4 associate well , with death and 7 = gone although there are some good things about the numbers. So you will not find rooms on deck 4 but for sure you will find deck 13 , I also quite sure cabins like 8588 are gone quite fast 🙂. I do hope that the JS will allow us to skip some of the lines in embarkation and maybe on disembarkation , well only time will tell. meanwhile so it will not be just words here is one picture from our last weekend trip
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    Royal Caribbean has decided to discontinue their Dine Drink Discover program that was available on Oasis class cruise ships. Due to feedback from booked guests after the announcement, Royal Caribbean has made a change. Guests who were already booked in a neighborhood balcony stateroom will be able to keep the original package if they choose. The cruise line sent out the following email to travel agents a few minutes ago letting them know about this change: “This week we announced our decision to discontinue the DINE • DRINK • DISCOVER program, a collection of perks exclusive to Boardwalk Balcony and Central Park Balcony staterooms on Oasis Class ships. Along with this, we included the compensation we are offering to those impacted guests. Based on the recent sentiments and valuable feedback shared on this topic, we recognize we didn’t get this one quite right. While some guests were pleased with the choice to convert the DINE • DRINK • DISCOVER amenities into an Onboard Credit to use at their discretion, others saw value in the tangible amenities included at the time of purchase. It is for this reason that we are now enabling impacted guests to choose the best option for their vacation experience. Choices include: $50 per stateroom Onboard Credit Original DINE • DRINK • DISCOVER amenities determined by the category booked This is eligible only to those guests booked before September 18th, 2019 on sailings departing on-or-after January 1st, 2020. Both you and your impacted clients will receive an email with an enclosed questionnaire allowing your client to select their compensation preference. We ask that you please encourage your clients to submit their preference by October 4th, 2019. As always, nothing is of more value to us than our partnership with our travel partners and our guests’ experiences. We greatly appreciate you every step of the way!
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    Today I went to collect our passports from the Chines visa agents , finally we found few days were we are both at home and can leave the passport for few days (it takes up to four days to get the visa if you are not paying for expedite process) so I guess it’s a good opportunity to start this “I do not know how live it will be” blog. It’s a different cruise for sure , many first times for us , first time going to China , first time on Quantum class , first time cruise to Japan and firs time on a cruise that English is not the first language. I am sure we will have much more first times , but that’s what make us so excited. Why we choose this cruise ? well , apparently it was a childhood dream of my spouse to visit Japan and it will be her first time there , for me it will be the second time but the other time was quite a long time ago and was a business trip, also it’s a new ship , and a new class , do we really need other reasons ? So what is the plan : Two days in Shanghai – Some tour in the city , still did not choose one although I so a nice bicycle day trip which we might take. I already booked a nice hotel near one of the main square , the location is important as we wanted to be at the center to reduce traveling , as we are landing very early in the morning I guess we will store our suitcase in the hotel and start to tour the area. I thought to book the hotel a day earlier so we will get the room once we will arrive but as I know both of us , we will get to the room and go to sleep and miss important hours in the city 😊. On 1-October we will do our way to the port . Our itinerary : 01 OCT - SHANGHAI (BAOSHAN), CHINA 02 OCT - Cruising 03 OCT – OSAKA, Japan 04 OCT- OSAKA , Japan 04 OCT – Kobe Japan 05 OCT – Tokyo (Yokohama) , Japan 06 OCT – Cruising 07 OCT – Cruising 08 OCT - SHANGHAI (BAOSHAN), CHINA After we booked the tour I found out that 1-October is also what they call in China the Golden week , this is a mandatory vacation week in all China so we expecting to have many local families and not many foreigners on board. We might experience some traffic as many are traveling this week but I do not think its going to be showstopper. We choose this period as we also have some holidays and many bridge days between. Post the cruise we will go to the airport and fly to Singapore , we considered to stay some extra days in Chania but was not sure if we will have multi entrance visa or a single entry which mean that we will have to use transfer visa on the way back, at the end we got the multi until as long as the passport is not expired. We will be in Singapore for three nights at our favorite hotel in the world (or should I say our favorite swimming pool in the world), it will be good for some rest time although I might need to have a face to face meeting with one of our customers for few hours. From Singapore we will fly to Thailand to chill out , currently only Bangkok but we might fly to one of the islands , depends what the weather will be. So almost three week vacation before going back home. There are many difference is cruise out of China : 1. Activities cost money (north star ,Ifly , skypad, laser tag) I will give the prices later. 2. Food in the MDR is different – the menu is a picture menu with many Chinese flavor. 3. Instead of sea class , sky class and start class there is golden class and silver class. 4. In the golden glass there are not just suites but also balconies cabins with suite services. 5. No coastal kitchen but golden dinning room and maybe silver dining room (not sure yet). 6. The solarium is only for Golden and Silver class. 7. Golden class have access to some other dedicated places (again not sure about silver) , there are also elevators just for suites class. 8. Wonderland with Chinese menu. 9. Dining package is not offer before the cruise. 10. No Diamond lounge – only the 3 free drinks during happy hour. 11. Many first timer. 12. MDR late seating is 7 PM. I am sure I will find more differences , but difference are many time a good thing , it will push us from the comfort zone to experience new things. More to come.
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    One again ... Royal gets my admiration!
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    Cabin crawl and Parties for SC

    My favorite topic !! Very often, if you want a cabin crawl, you have to be the one to set up the cabin crawl. This has been the case for almost every one that I have done. You still have plenty of time to do this but you will need to get started pretty soon. I always organized my CC through the CC Roll Call (sorry for all the CC's). I know that many people are doing this through Facebook these days but I do not have or use FB so I cannot help you there. I can't imagine that it would be any different through FB than it would be through CC. If you create and organize the CC yourself, you will need to start tracking who is coming and whether or not they are going to be just gawkers...I mean, viewers, if they are also going to be show-ers and a basic head count. A simple spreadsheet has always worked for me. I will usually ask the people who want to participate if they will provide their stateroom category and, if they are willing, their stateroom number. Some people are concerned about advertising their particular room number (which I think it paranoia, but that's just me). The most successful CC are those that offer the opportunity to view the largest variety of cabin categories. Things like accessible cabins, suites with no balconies (a rather new category for Royal) and the virtual balcony rooms are all ones that attract a lot of attention, not just the big suites. It has been my experience that once people realize that someone in a SC suite is participating in the CC, the interest usually picks up. People like to visit the high end suites. It's just normal human nature and curiosity. I normally do not disclose the details of the "party" but simply allude to the fact that there will be a surprise when they arrive. That helps sell the event. Something that I have failed to mention in any of my recent CC party descriptions is that I usually (but not always) bring a "parting gift" for those who visit during the CC. Refrigerator magnets is something super easy to buy and give away. It doesn't have to be fancy. What the Genie can do: - Order all of the party stuff - food, beer, water, anything to drink except for wine and liquor. The food will be from 1 or perhaps 2 (at most) specialty restaurants. Choose one and go with it. - Coordinate with housekeeping to have all of the dishes, glasses, etc. delivered and picked up - Both of these first 2 can be done with $-0- expense. - Arrange for a server and/or bartender - Order wine and liquor - These last 2 will cost you. If you want any of these $$ items the Genie can let you know how much it will cost. We got 4 bottles of champagne (certainly NOT champagne....sparkling wine, at best) and the total bill was ~ $80. It's very reasonable unless you start ordering Dom Perignon or something. I never EVER order liquor. That IS expensive. Here's what the Genie can NOT do: - Order food from lots of different specialty restaurants. It's simply a question of logistics. If you want your food ready and delivered at the same time, choosing 3 or 4 different venues is going to complicate that request immeasurably. They will not do it. Don't even ask. - Be at your party to help entertain your guests ! No way. The Genie is an assistant, not a manservant (no sexism or racism implied there....). The Genie will help coordinate everything and will come by at some point to make sure everything is going smoothly, but they do not stay, and they do not participate. I'm going to skip a lot of details as I just went through this on another thread. If you have specific questions, I will do my best to answer. - The Genie will handle food - Room Service will handle dishes, glasses, silverware and napkins (but the Genie will coordinate with room service for all of this) - Your room attendant will get you ice. It is advisable to let your room attendant know ASAP that you are going to need an ice chest full of ice EARLY the day of the party. You will need to allow the beer and whatever else you are serving cold, to cool down. Nothing worse than serving your guests warm beer but that takes time. Don't wait until the last minute on this one. One last piece of advice. Don't forget that there are others who are showing their rooms as well. Try not to steal ALL of the attention. That's why it's really so important that the other cabins go first and you are at the end. Once people get to your room and start looking around, eating, drinking, they are pretty much done. It's VERY hard to get that crowd moving again once the party starts. The Genie should reach out to you at around 60 days prior to sail date. It's generally a good idea to let them know right away that you are planning to have a party...but be sure that they understand that this is going to be a NO COST party. I have done 4 or 5 of these and I have never had the Genie ever offer to arrange anything that would cost extra but I have read recently that some of the Genies have offered $$ services. That's not what you want...I don't think.
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    List of things I’ve forgotten so far: All our cash. It’s on the kitchen counter. That might be a problem, but only port is CocoCay so I think we will be okay. Casino time may be reduced, however.
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    I will gladly take two days at CocoCay. We were just there in June. I think my wife would kill me if I booked another one, but she might forgive me if there were two days at CocoCay.
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    Jolly Ogre

    Barf Bags .....

    For me the more wavy the better. It's the small rollers that get me sick.
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    My cruise on Serenade (out of Boston) is 7 days with 3 days in Bermuda (Wed - Fri).
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    I simply reserved one item under my daughter.
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    Majesty, rescuers of the seas...

    did you guys see this story..... very cool! Majesty rescued some folks Sunday... https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/18/us/cruise-ship-boat-rescue-trnd/index.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=fbCNN&utm_content=2019-09-18T22%3A32%3A14&utm_term=link&fbclid=IwAR1RJ36aBYUmUBHQEJ-rx6o74aCXYR0NLCi5OUeMyUKsYLtaijIOa7Q3_Z8
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    I think the more people who call to complain about this. Post on social media about this. Raise a stink! At least give 100 OBC in exchange for the loss of the perks. Or honor the perks for those already booked.
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    The more I thought about it today, the more I can see the point of those that booked 2020 sailings and getting just $50 in lieu of the perks. Yes, $50 is better than nothing, but it would have been a better transition away from this if they just said "okay, everyone that booked as of today gets it and that's it."
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    In this information age, I have little sympathy for people who don't research their ships/sailings prior to booking. There are so many ways to see different category of rooms prior to booking, whether it's the cruise line's website, YouTube videos, multiple cruise related forums, etc. Personally I've always thought it's pretty clear that they are balconies that face the interior of the ship.
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    Way to turn it around. Well done RCL
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    That was our exact same room on Indy! Loved the space and the kids really enjoyed that separate room. The motion was more noticeable though and it was loud when the ship docked. Enjoy the weekend! Looking forward to some great scopes from everyone.
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    90 Days!!

    Whoo hoo! Exciting time!!
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    Scavenger hunt!

    Anthem had the Quest when I sailed it a few years ago. It was held in 270. Kind of a crazy venue to have it in with all of the folks throwing stuff down to the stage, but it was fun to watch!
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    90 Days!!

    Congrats on the first time cruise. We are going before Christmas and after New Year to avoid the crowds and high pricing 😯. On our early cruises we booked all of what you are looking at on board and when we got off the cost was almost the cost of the cruise. Now we pick and choose and book early to get the lower cost. Anyway you go, nothing is bad when out on the seas.🤩
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    DD is handicapped (Cerebral Palsy) & we use a wheelchair when we cruise because it is safer for her, & faster for us (she can walk, but has poor balance, so crowds are dangerous and is very slow). She is not very tall(5'1") so I can't speak to the height issue. For safety's sake, we ask for a shower chair for the shower stall, this might help your wife so that she doesn't have to balance. Also, while we didn't use this, there is also the option of a toilet seat riser, which is basically something that's about 6-8 inches high (I think, don't quote me on that) that sits on top of the seat & makes it easier for those who need extra leverage for sitting/standing from the toilet. Just fill out the special needs form https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/allaboutcruising/guestSpecialNeeds.do You can specify what things you might need. Also, you don't mention which ship you are on, but find out if there are any family restrooms, in case she will need assistance while you are not in your cabin -- even using the handicap stall can be a challenge, even when you are just the one assisting the person who needs it.
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    Automatic Gratuity Breakdown

    The listing of “other hotel services” is what causes me to cancel the auto gratuity. I can’t imagine who else in “hotel services” I would tip.
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    I agree about wanting to see more/new stuff. This year we added a land trip to London which neither had ever been. We do the Bermuda sailings with our friends now if it's not the only vacation we take as we have been there so many times - even got married there. It truly is a unique island and our favorite one. We will always want to see Bermuda but not as an only vacation. For a while with Explorer being in NJ for so long it felt like Groundhog's Day.
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    That sounds like a fun trip. We did a 9 night to Caribbean from NJ on Explorer, I'd love that and Bermuda mixed for B2B 5-night/9-night.
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    Labadee Stalls

    Yes, it is exactly like that. If you are not comfortable with very aggressive vendors, just stay away from that area. They are restricted from leaving their market area so if you stay away from there, they will not bother you. If you are going to Columbus Cove, take the tram. It goes through there but does not stop.
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    I believe it's 300 for shorter cruises of up to 5 or 6 nights and 500 for longer ones. On our last two, which were 11 and 9 nights, it was definitely 500. And they don't even ask you for the money beforehand! However, you do get daily reminders about not overshooting your limit on pain of having your account frozen!
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    Perfect example !!!
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    Thanks, I'm pretty resigned to the fact that our Anthem cruise starting tomorrow is not gonna go to Bermuda. Just bad luck, it's the chance you take for a great fares this time a season. We still get to enjoy the gorgeous Anthem of the seas and I love Canada so it's not a huge thing. Thanks again for the latest track.
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    I was just on Spectrum in July in a Golden Suite so I have some information on the Silver Suites. So the Silver Lounge is combined with Silver Dining and the Silver Dining is just an upscale buffet with mostly Western options. The Silver Lounge is just a sitting area without a dedicated Concierge, but I believe that certain hours, there was a GS person helping book things or solve issues. For embarkation, there’s no priority for Silver, but there is for C&A.
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    I'm sailing on Quantum in January, so let me know how it goes. This is what I have discovered in my research. all of which came to light long after I booked: - RipCord is not free - North Star is not free - The Solarium is out of bounds unless you are in a suite or Diamond-Plus. I'm sure a few other surprises await me. However, I am still looking forward to the cruise, because at the end of the day, cruising is fun, regardless of a few bugbears.
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    I could not NOT agree any more. MONEY. GRAB. Its one thing to go for one day... but 2? One of 2 things is happening... 1. There are a lot less people shelling out their (RCCL) ridiculous fees for their water park and $500 cabanas than they thought would... and by going again they have a better chance of generating that revenue. 2. By being at the island 2 days instead of 1 they can have less activities on the ship... Also saving $$$... I already miss Great Little Stirrup Cay! We picked this cruise because it was balanced and had at least one sea day. We really love Sea days and those specialty lunches while at sea. Now there won't be an't when on Coco Cay... Instead we have 2 days at Coco Cay on a sold out ship at the same time as the Mariner of the Seas on both days. So at least 2 full ships will be there at the same time. Wonder if any other ships will be there then... I bet those at the water park will be mad as hell when they have to wait 1 to 2 hours to ride on their 14 story slide... and it gets darn hot out There! And if you don't go early it may not be east to find good seats. THE BIGGEST INSULT IS THIS COMPANY LINE... we made this move for your cruise because of Dorian and having to make changes... what a load... they sent letters to us BEFORE Dorian even happened and our ship was not going to Grand Bahamas to begin with... I'm very disappointed with RC to say the least... I WANT MY SEA DAY BACK DANG IT
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    hello, introduction post

    Thank you for the greetings!
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    When is your next cruise?

    I can’t wait to meet you all!
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    I think it is just good business that RC honors the bookings that were already made. I do not see why they are just offering the $50 OBC.
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    They should actually not use the word "complimentary" for the things they offer on the cruise. We paid for all that! It's not very catchy but the word to use is "included".
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    Chef's Table ??

    I'm actually a pretty picky eater, too. If not picky, a bit pedestrian, perhaps. I really enjoyed the Chef's Table both times that I did it. I found the company to be a more enjoyable part of the meal than the food, itself. I am also not a wine drinker, but found that I enjoyed the wine (perhaps the effects ?). I would recommend for everyone to do it once...
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    Refreshment Package

    That’s exactly what I do. I call it a “Water Run” where I round up all the bars onboard for a water stash.
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    This is a very good point, the Credit Card company really hates when companies "steal" from their customers. RCL will have to prove that those perks were not part of your cruise stateroom you chose which will never happen. Likely they will not respond at all to the Credit Card inquiry which means the card company will refund you and hold funds from RCL.
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    Next year we will be on our Greece cruise during our 30th. My wife will be 54 and I'll be 55 then. Who knows? Enough years, but not old enough? We'll see.
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    The most amazing thing is, when booking through the Australian site they are still advertising the package.
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    Yeah I have to lose 5k in the casino for that bottle of red wine LOL
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    These boardwalk/central park view staterooms are nothing but glorified interior cabins. Without the perks, they should cost just a little bit more than interior rooms. Like @elizbit said, privacy is a major concern. At least in an ocean view stateroom, the curtains can be left open most of the time.
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    Melody of the Seas

    All signs indicate Melody but until it's officially announced it is subject to change.
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    Embarkation day no-no. Cross your fingers!

    Hobby airport (HOU) The group is coming from Oregon (and I think they have one connecting flight) I *think* I could board by myself, but wouldn’t want to. I’d rather join my Mom in the mess and try to treat disaster as adventure!
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    Melody of the Seas

    Well if it's on FB it must be true.
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    Judging from the comments here and on Facebook, looks like Royal is playing hardball on this one.
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    I can change the room but the price is way way higher now than when I booked.
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