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Express Boarding on app

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10 minutes ago, smokeybandit said:

On my last cruise, we just got waived through to the waiting area once they saw we had already done our check-in stuff.

I wonder if this is formalizing that. If you've done everything already, Express just means they can waive you right on through and don't have to funnel you to an agent.

We did do everything on the app including photos and we're travelling with our passports.

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2 hours ago, Matt said:


Which ship and sail date is this for?

I'm cruising tomorrow on Allure, no such option

On Allure now. Our first time on her. We love her and you’d never know she’s as old as she is. She looks great! Food has been really good in chops, 150 and Izumi. Tonight is Samba. I love this old style solarium. Had to visit this Crown Lounge simply due to location. Concierge was very helpful with a leaking cooler bag situation. Had a new one delivered last night. 

Weather has been surprisingly good until today. Literally sitting still off Freeport. Extremely windy. 

Have fun! 

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1 hour ago, mscinmia said:

 I work at Port Everglades.  This is a TEST program only on Freedom at the moment.  It is similar to the Expedited arrival that Royal was doing prior to Covid shutdown.  We have not heard results from the test yet, but if all goes well they will be rolling it out ship by ship.


Thanks for the info, @mscinmia.  Are these being assigned randomly or is there a qualification to get the Xpress Boarding ?

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1 hour ago, rph said:

I submitted the health status part of the check in within 30 minutes of it opening up.  I also had an 11:30 check in time in case it only applies to people who had early times anyways.

We always have a 10:30-11:00 check in. That's why I pretty much do check in at exactly midnight. We do specialty lunch on embarkation day at noon so we need an early boarding time. 

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3 hours ago, RCIfan1912 said:

I checked in at midnight in September for our cruise in Oct. and I certainly did't receive this but it would have been nice. We were on the ship in just about 30 minutes though anyway. Cape Liberty is very smooth I have to say.

As is PC. We get on the ship so quickly with a 10:30 arrival (Wonder has begun boarding before 10:30 on numerous occasions) that I question how much faster an express pass could possibly get me on the ship.

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