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What ports of call are still on your todo list?

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First... The A-B-C Islands, (we were scheduled for all three  earlier, but alas, our cruise was cancelled).   


Barbados, The Dominican Republic and Grenada are also on our to-visit list.. 


We're booked on Odyssey for February 26th, and are going to Aruba and Curacao.  So that leaves a cruise in the future to visit Bonaire to complete the ABC  trifecta.   


We're also seriously considering our options to cruise to the Mexican Riviera.  A two hour flight to Los Angeles would sure ease the logistics of travel. 😎   



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I guess it's a combination of ports we haven't made it to and a bucket list.  We haven't been to a lot of Caribbean ports yet so St. Lucia, Aruba, Curacao, Grand Cayman, Antigua, Bonnaire are still on our wish list.

Of course Alaska!


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Only bucket lists going forward. Will do Caribbean once a year because you just have to! 

Hope to cross off 2 bucket lists this year. Alaska and Holy Land/Greece. 2023 is reserved for Icon and ……..  2024 is either Norwegian Fjords or Baltics. Hubby turns 60 and 35 years of wedded bliss 😍

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Sad, but CocoCay is still on my list. Had 2 cruises miss when it was a tender port, and a third once the dock was built. Weather (specifically, wind) just never cooperated.

Aside from that, a Norwegian fjord cruise and a transpacific (cruises moreso than ports, I know) are the top of my wishlist.

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3 hours ago, Jolly Ogre said:

Yeah I want to do the Great Loop one day. But that will have to wait until retirement. My patients hate it when I take a week off the Loop will take at least 1 year.

Sounds cool would you go right up the Mighty Mississippi? When the bride and I retire we are looking at getting a small travel trailer and heading West. Mackinac is on the list. Never been there and we want to go Isle Royal as well. The least visited National Park in the lower 48. It feels good to talk travel and normalcy. Sounds like you work in healthcare, we salute you! 

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