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  1. Yeah, more expensive than LGA...but $1k to CA just seems obscene, even for UA. I fly them quite often and can get to most CA airports for well under $500 RT, even on the premium transcon routes.
  2. Yikes. Where in CA? I'm a little bit surprised because there's a good bit of competition on the NYC-CA routes (especially EWR and JFK).
  3. Uber is going to be the simplest, most convenient way. And probably the most expensive. You can make your way to Manhattan, take a train, then Uber...but do you want to do all that with luggage? It's a shame SW pulled out of EWR, especially with the new terminal getting closer (Terminal A really is one of the worst in the country).
  4. Not sure if they provide them or not, but we bought these for our just-turned-3yo, and they work really well. Amazon.com : Serta Perfect Sleeper Inflatable Bed Rails for Toddlers & Kids with Foot Pump (2 Pack), White : Baby
  5. Given she has cruises booked all the way through then, I'd say slim. They'd have to cancel at least 10-11 sailings, maybe more. I just don't see them doing that on such short notice. I do think it'll happen before her next scheduled technical drydock, which should be in 2025. I don't think they'll wait that long...but I could be wrong.
  6. Royal books Promenade views as interiors, so that would be a two-level jump on RoyalUp.
  7. The final approvals have taken several days and come in very close to revenue sail dates. I'm sure they'd know if there was cause for concern about approval.
  8. They're saying they don't know how many of the myocarditis cases are also associated with MIS-C. The MIS-C results from COVID. What they were looking to study further to ascertain was the severity of the myocarditis in relation to MIS --- if you have MIS, is the myocarditis more severe vs. if you don't have MIS? What they're seeing with the vaccine is the myocarditis is mild and generally clears on its own without intervention.
  9. Also important, and oft-"overlooked," point: COVID-19 causes myocarditis. I didn't dig to find the studies, but there are studies out there that show the risk of myocarditis from COVID-19 is higher than the risk of myocarditis from the vaccine. Some additional source info: Study: Myocarditis risk 37 times higher for children with COVID-19 than uninfected peers | American Academy of Pediatrics (aappublications.org)
  10. Wouldn't have my hopes up. I'm expecting it to be on Q3/Q4 2023 itineraries, but can't say I'm hopeful it'll actually stop then either. Haiti is a mess right now, and I'm not sure fresh elections -- which have been postponed again -- will quell things much, if at all.
  11. I'm a Schooner Bar guy myself, so Matt Yee is up there on my list. Without question, though, my #1 is Joe Hollywood. Sailed the Quantum TA with him in 2015 and was in the Schooner Bar from the start to finish of his set every night.
  12. The test itself may have details on who is qualified to conduct/interpret the test. In many areas, RNs are considered qualified to collect samples, but not interpret them (not saying I agree with this, it just is how it is). My personal feeling is I wouldn't want to risk my cruise if I wasn't 100% sure.
  13. My wife and I have a cruise booked with our 3-year-old for May. I'm hoping he's eligible and fully vaxxed by then. My wife has a PhD in biochemistry and has spent her career studying infectious diseases. I've spent the pandemic working in a hospital. We have our reasons. Many reasons. Science being the #1 reason. Same reasons he's been given all his other vaccinations.
  14. It's basically a choice on where you want the most inconvenience: Chicago getting to ORD, or NY/NJ getting to Cape Liberty. I personally think LGA to Cape Liberty is worse than most place in Chicago to ORD.
  15. Getting most anywhere from Laguardia is a pain. To go from LGA to Cape Liberty would involve either a really expensive taxi or Uber, or multiple modes of transportation with changing in Manhattan and again in NJ. Where are you flying in from? United is the main game at EWR, but most other airlines do fly in, as well (though that requires flying out of Terminal A...which is just criminal).
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