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Southwest to serve Miami year round

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On 9/8/2020 at 12:55 AM, twangster said:

I get free bags with Delta so my biggest reason for using SWA is the change policy involving fees.  SWA allows you to change flights without a fee although fare differences will apply.  Not ideal but a whole lot better than "I won't even speak to you about changing flights before charging you a $150 change fee" that most legacy carriers charge.  

I change cruises all the time.  I might see a last minute deal for the cruise before or the next cruise after then I make it a B2B.  Being able to change flights without a fee for nothing is huge.  

Delta has lost thousands of dollars of my business because of their $150 change fee.  This from a million miler on Delta.  In my case, the $150 change fee has cost them a lot more money compared to what it has made for them. Now I'm hooked on their competitor because of it and often don't even check their fares before booking SWA.   

Check out the new Delta policy.  Not as great as Southwest but change fees are now gone.



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