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I just made a new booking using the casino discount offer.  As @michelle noticed, it looks like the gratuities for suites has gone up from $17.50 PP/PD to $19 PP/PD.




Not sure if the other stateroom categories has gone up or not.

It looks like there was a 38% discount on the upgrade.  Not great but no worse than last year so that's a relief !!  2 years ago it would have been in the neighborhood of 60%.  UGH

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52 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

When I grabbed my Plan B cruise two weeks ago, it was still $17.50/day for suites.  Their website still shows $17.50 and $14.50 as well.

I called yesterday to see what the story was.  At first, he said the $19/PP PD was correct. Then he said it was a mistake and I would be getting a $21 refund, then he put me on hold while he went to talk to Resolutions.  I finally got tired of holding and hung up.  It wasn’t worth $21 to sit there on hold.  I have no idea whether suites grats have gone up or not.

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4 hours ago, mattymay said:

I love the US, it's by far the best country in the world. But seriously who came up with the idea of gratuities? 😀 Just advertise the real price and pay your workers more!!!

I’ve been saying this for years, especially when gratuities are a set price and forced on the consumer. 

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Cruising is the only place I know of where you dine and don't have to worry about tipping, which made me feel strange and uncomfortable. Our waiter was excellent and so at the end or the cruise we gave him a couple hundred dollars. TIPS has always been the acronym "To In sure Prompt Service" at least that's what was taught in hospitality courses way back when.

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TIPs in many restaurants started suggesting 18% around the time of the "Great Recession."  The explanation for the increase was that servers deserved an increase in wages.  But if the meals continue to increase then their compensation increases.  15% of $100 is $15.  15% of $120 is $18.  Same service, same time at table, same meal, the server made more money.  I still TIP 15% most of the time.  More for exceptional service, less for terrible service.  

As far as crew is concerned my TIPs are not percentage based so I pay the required/recommended and a little extra cash for good service at the end of the cruise.

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