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Sailing in harmony on Harmony of the Seas-February 16-23


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On 2/18/2020 at 2:55 PM, pezgirl said:

Very excited to keep reading as we will be on this cruise in August.  Also with the key so really looking forward to this. Also one comment on Grease, I believe it is based of off the Broadway show which is definitely more adult than the movie. 

The cruise is over, will be finishing this up as a post cruise review and will have a few more comments on the key.  Yes Grease on the ship was definitely more adult than the movie.  

On 2/18/2020 at 6:14 PM, Kelslovestocruise said:

Saw the dancing in boleros last night and wow did everyone look great! I’ll never be that kind of dancer but it was still enjoyable to watch. 

There were several couples dancing that were very good, we're just rookies but we try.

On 2/18/2020 at 9:40 PM, JennyJenny said:

Darn. Mine is in Fairfax!

was hoping we had some fellow cruises among our studio.

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Well the cruise is over, I am in awe of all of you that manage to write a live review.  I packed so much fun in during the day that by the time I got back to the room at night I was beat.  In short I had another great cruise and have many observations and comments to share.  7 days is just not enough time to explore everything and Oasis class ship has.  I will endeavor to pick up this review where I left off and hopefully will have something for everyone.

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Wow, what a crazy post cruise week!  It's been almost non stop helping my parents, washing clothes and spending time with our abandoned furry pets.  I'm scheduled for surgery next month and made the difficult decision to cancel my Alaska cruise/tour for May/June of this year.  With the help of my TA, I re-booked for next year and the only money I lost was an airline change fee on my flight with AA.  I hated cancelling this trip, but it's been a load off my mind on whether I'd feel up to Alaskan excursions.  

Okay, time to resume this review.

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Cruise Day 3:  Sea Day: Sea days are my favorite time on a cruise, sea days are sunrises and sunsets; pools and hot tubs; and lounge chairs and naps.  I’m an early riser so I grab my camera, a cup of coffee and wander a nearly empty ship waiting for the sun to rise on another day.  Harmony has so many venues that it’s nearly impossible to experience them all in 7 days.

The Promenade 






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Cruise Day 3:  Sea Day: Shortly after sunrise, towels began finding their favorite spots around the pool.  After breakfast it was time for some time in the Solarium.  We spent some time in a clam shell lounger and the tub/pool on deck 14, before moving up to a lounge chair on deck 15 to be closer to the frozen drinks.

Tonight was formal night in the MDR, we had purchased the all-digital photo package so it was time to get dressed and pose for pictures before dinner.  With all the discussion on what’s acceptable to wear on formal nights in the MDR, I took a look around to see what everyone was wearing for the first time.  I’d say that more than half the men were wearing slacks and collared shirts, some wearing ties, suits and a few tuxes’.  Only about 1% was wearing shorts with a collared shirt or t-shirt or jeans.  The cruise compass publishes suggested dress attire for the MDR, the ever accommodating dining room staff doesn’t want to confront anyone, and so as many have said you can wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

The evening’s entertainment was “A Journey in Time”.  This was a fascinating show filled with amazing skating and visual effects.  This was the only show where “The Key” reserved seats were in a good spot. 

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