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  1. I've been to nachi twice now and love it. They limit the amount of visitors there and it's just such a nice day. We end up spending part of the day on the beach and part of the day by the pool.
  2. Maybe bring some melatonin with you just in case?
  3. Whoa, almost a month! I can't wait to hear all about star class!
  4. My kids are almost 18 and we are planning on giving them times to meet and telling them to meet us for dinner in the evening. I think they are looking forward to the teen area.
  5. I know, I get it. I was so not happy to see that happen as it doesn't help the budget for the trip coming up. But I keep telling myself at least it doesn't leave out of NYC lol.
  6. Happy New Year! They raised the prices at the port to $25 a day 😞 http://www.cruiseliberty.com/directions_parking.html I don't know if that helps to drive you to a park/stay and cruise or fly/stay and cruise more OP but here's the info.
  7. Thank you for this lovely telling of your cruises. Makes me really want to go on one of these too now.
  8. Congrats on your remission! Have a wonderful cruise with your family!
  9. Have a great cruise! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip in star class!
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