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  1. It sounds like all of you are going to have a blast next week!
  2. Oh I'm sorry, you did mention that in the beginning.
  3. Woohoo you made it!! I'm interested in where you are staying as we are going out of CL next year.
  4. Happy anniversary and I hope you had a great trip!
  5. I did that as well earlier this year too! We didn't realize that this year the kids would have different spring breaks and that time will would not work out. I eventually found a new date and moved it to that.
  6. Hello! I have been reading the archived live blogs that the guys have posted and now I've found the message boards. We have a cruise on the schedule for June 2020 which is way too long for me to wait in my opinion so in the meantime I get to read about all of your fun. I've previously cruised on carnival, dcl and msc so this will be my first royal cruise. I tend to over plan so it looks like I'm in the right place😁
  7. Oasis June 7th 2020 and it can't come soon enough lol
  8. What a great start! I'm very excited for you as you're preparing to leave.
  9. Thank you, this is really helpful and very simple!
  10. We went zip lining in roatan and had a great time. It was a neat way to see everything.
  11. What a great trip report! Thanks for writing it while on your trip! SC is beautiful.
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