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  1. Have a great trip!!!!! Enjoy unwinding and relaxing.
  2. Good morning! It's time again! When you posted at the end of the last one that it was a few weeks until the next cruise, I swear those weeks have flown by. Looking forward to hearing from you about this cruise as well!
  3. Can my teen take this class? He is our wannabe chef and would probably want to do it with us.
  4. I hope your perfect day was great. This has been an excellent read and reminded me how nice smaller shops are. I think you've sold me on empress as well. 😀
  5. Happy anniversary to you guys and have a great cruise! Looking forward to hearing about symphony.
  6. Thank you for the tip! I was wondering what the difference was.
  7. What did you think of your hotel? We are going to be on oasis next year.
  8. That would be so amazing as I grabbed it too for my cruise next year! We were leaning towards not getting it but at that price it's worth it.
  9. I would love to do the Panama canal cruise one day.
  10. Hey, I remembered to check this weekend and managed to save another $100! Every little bit counts.
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