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I start with the destination and then look at my options. 

I haven't seen a chart but the royal Caribbean website has good information.  I  also look up the ships on Wikipedia and cruisecritic.com 

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Each class (and ship within it) is unique and will always be a great experience.  I would suggest (like others) that you look at the Fleet Guide and get a good overview of what is available.  

As @Matt has pointed out in several posts and videos, the "latest and greatest" features tend to be on the "newer ships" so make sure you do your research to know that the item you saw on the commercial is available on your trip

One tip that I have heard and i still use is to figure out what your vacation is about.  If your itinerary is heavy on ports, then the ship is secondary, if the itinerary has more sea days, then then the ship is primary.  The key is to find the balance for your interests and plans.  


There is no "wrong way" to do a cruise which is something to remember and each member of your party can do totally different things and have a wonderful time.

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1 hour ago, Kayleigh said:

Agree with @Hagar and @steverk! The fleet guide and the itinerary played a big part in us choosing the ship!


This guide is a little old but still gives you a great overview of each ship and class ?

This one is a bit newer



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Thanks to the Wayback Machine I was finally able to find this chart I've been wishing still existed.

This was last seen on RCI's Wikipedia page early 2019 (before the amplification really got underway most likely) so it's definitely not going to have the newest features, but I think this PLUS the amplification charts folks shared above can help you out. I certainly found it super helpful for things like which ship has a freestyle machine or what Italian restaurant is on what ship.

(Side note ...any body wanna bring this back? Lol.)

02.2019 royal fleet chart.jpg

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20 hours ago, Lindsey said:

How do you choose which ship to sail on?

Is there a Comparison Chart of which ship has which amenity?

Welcome to the Blog @Lindsey!

We have always chosen a destination first. This will then determine the ship in a lot of cases, but not all. Some ships have similar itineraries, while other ships only go to certain locations. The latter will happen with smaller ships, that can only fit in some of the smaller ports. Secondly, you need to decide what you want out of a ship. Do you want all the amenities and activities of one of the mega ships? Or are you looking for a more laid back cruising experience that a smaller ship offers? You can't really go wrong with any RC ship.

Happy Cruising!

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  Sometimes it's the time you go combined with the ship.   If you want an adult typed setting going during spring break time or summer when the kids are out would lessen the adult cruise experience.  Most of the ships are big enough to space things out so you don't feel crowded.  The largest ships have more passengers but they also have more things to entertain so the areas space things out.  The smaller ships don't have as many things to do but they also don't have the volume of passengers.  You need to weigh those types of things in your considerations.  Good Luck.  Whatever you chose I feel you will still have a wonderful time.

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Personal opinion - we match to the itinerary.   If the ports are repeat visits, or less interesting - we like the ships with the most toys.  If we're in Europe, we spend most of our time touring, so the ship toys don't really matter.

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We don't really read reviews, as with everything, it is very subjective; and so you need to be mindful of what you read. 

We are from Australia so normally our cruise season is Sept to April; unlike the US which is all year, so perhapss our comments are limited?  We look at the destinations first; somewhere new, somewhere we love to re-visit like a favourite island or excursion; then the ship. Normally it is only my wife and I, so we don't have to cater for kids; however we are big kids and love slides and activities. 

As suggested in the thread, do some research into the various classes of ships and what they offer as there may be a feature which really resonates with you. 

As an example, for us we want to do an Oasis class ship and Caribbean from Miami, so Symphony was out choice as it offers us many firsts; but then we want a cruise to relax, sit by the pool and chill, so we picked the Radiance class, Radiance (our favourite ship). On another cruise we want to get back to the iFly and dodgem cars, so a Quantum class would be our pick. 

Also destination and number of seas days may factor in which ship. An example would be Alaska, we would spend as much time on-shore so by the time we board, we just want a nice dinner, a drink or three and sleep to get ready for the next day; in this case we would not really have the time to enjoy all the activities, so we would gp Radiance class over Quantum class. 

Do some research but whichever you choose, it is a Royal Caribbean ship and you can't really go wrong. 


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