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Plan for the worst hope for the best Symphony September 4-18 21


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 Day two - Sea day.

Nothing like sea day to start a cruise, everything relaxed and no need to rush or get up early ( if we can just get rid of the jet lag)

Early pre breakfast tour on an empty ship showed us that some people, even if they will be on a deserted island they will need to hogge seats (6:30 am) I guess you can take out people from the hogging requirement situation but you can not take the hogging habit out of people.


Breakfast at WJ, we missed WJ so it was nice to go back there.  Every time you enter you need to scan your sea pass , same on the exit.  As you know everything is being served to you by the crew which I think is a good change specially after seeing so many horrible behavior of some people that touch the food by their hands or returning it  from the plates not even start about the food waste. It worked well but I think with bigger capacity it might create some lines. Decided to take some light breakfast and went with the fruits


It was a very sunny day , perfect for sea day so more and more people came out to the deck to enjoy it. We went for the 14 floor photo ops to take some "Titanic " pictures , here you can see we really on the ship 🙂


There were lots of free chairs including in prime locations , what seem to go quickly are the beds in the solarium, here is a very enthusiastic hogger , I think its should be presented in Park West art collection.


I am sure some people think it is privilege for other people to seat were thier flipflops were ...

We enjoyed the sun and music for a while.



Quick jump back to the cabin to cool down and enjoy some people watching from the balcony (an excuse for me to answer some urgent emails, they are always become urgent when you are on vacation). We did some 4th floor tour were we played the guess the art price , I guessed no one will guess it again . We collect our art gift and went to Park Cafe for lunch. The only new thing in Park Cafe is a washing fountain which everyone require to use before entering. Since you have only one washing station it might create some delays. We enjoyed the self created salad for a light lunch , the famous sandwich was also offered. We always found the Park Cafe to be a good lunch option. We done some power walks to ease our too much food conscience following by some Kraken lava flows to balance it , love it.


Some trivia followed by me going to catch a nap and my spouse going to catch some more sun. At around 4 pm we got the shirts we sent for ironing the day before as part of the suite perk of 5 item that cand be sent for ironing for free at the first official night. It was time to get ready for the first official night. We booked the ultimate photo packages (first time for us) and wanted to take some photos. It was fun to go from one spot to another and pose for the photos, strange enough all the photographers ask us for the same exact things , I guess they all know to spot our best sides or this is what they thech you in the RCL 30 minutes of how to become a ship photographer  intensive training. We had lots of laughs and for sure we will try to do it again. For dinner we went again to CK were we took the lobster salad  (excellent) and the fish (not bad)


Our Wonderful waiters .

During the dinner I had to go to the casino has they done a  star loft suite ruffle , they had to call 4 names has no one were in the casino to collect it , at the end they found someone lucky and I was relieved as I could go back to dinner and I  will not need to pack , win win.

Post dinner we went to Buleros to enjoy some salsa music followed by late evening tour, surprisedly the most busy place on the ship so far is the Sorento Pizza. 

Next Cozumel Mexico 



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Got the B2B letter today  few points  : 

1. Need to pack only if we move room (we are) the packing need to be done by 9 am.
2. No need to get out the ship all the process will be done on the ship.
3. Testing for B2B will be done on the 7 days , the results should come in one hour , you are not allowed to the Island until you get a negative results so if anyone planning something on CocoCay take it into consideration , we have Jetski tour on 10 am so I schedule the test to 7:40 , test can be done until 11 am .
4. You have the option to go out in Miami but you will be only allow back when general boarding starts (around 1 PM).
5. In the letter you have a barcode you need to scan for scheduling the test , It failed to me twice until I started to debug it and found out they are looking for state and not just country (meaning if you are not in the US or Canada you will have a problem) , I had to give the the company I am working for US branch address to proceed (I guess hotel address will work also). 


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2 hours ago, Traveler said:

Thanks , that's was a very rare combination of the C19 situation, Hurricane session and school time . I would gladly give it up for better C19 conditions.



It's always great when something good comes from a bad situation.  I can't wait to hear your take of Star Class.

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Day3 Cozumel Mexico.


Today was our first port day, it's always nice to have port day even if just to enjoy the ship for ourselves. The day started early again , how early ? Let's just say we could enjoyed the wonderful sunrise 


 We grabbed some breakfast at the WJ , sorry CK was not opened yet. They had some fresh guacamole sandwichs which was very good  the guacamole was in the level of Sabor when they still done it in front of your eyes.


We did went to CK for some coffee. As Mexico consider to be C19 red country by our health department we couldn't participate in any shore excursions or  leave the port area so we just went out to take some pictures and watch the shops with the very enthusiastic shoppers. 



We came back on board and went to check how  came out our pictures from last night , man I was sorry for taken the photo package or even more sorry for not doing my pre cruise diet longer I also agreed with my spouse,  she is taking better pictures of us. We went to do some walking on deck 15 and 16 enjoying the empty ship we also enjoyed to watch one of the trivia games but not active participate in in it. Time passed by quick and we went to check El loco fresh. We took some guacamole (you start to see a pattern here) enjoyed it and went for WJ for some delicious Indian food.


We then went to spend some time in the suite deck that was all for ourselves.



We took some drinks and went to use one of the big covered beds there. We love the deck and ability to rest there .


Next was  some deck 5 walking (remember the photo package ...) checked the SPA for any new offers and went back to the cabin to get ready for the evening , love the two bathrooms options.

When getting back we got this surprise in the cabin


This was a good indication the double points promotion is working as pre the current cruise we had 113 points which mean to get to the 140 mark we got 14 points for the suite and another 14 for the promotion. I could also understand why some people leave it behind as it's so heavy but we for sure will take it back , already have the right spot for it.  For dinner (CK police alert) we decided to give a chance for the MDR as it was lasagna night, we weren't sorry, the service was excellent , funny they recognize we were at the CK before , apparently there is some competition between the two establishments. 

Duck terrine and some eggplant dish to start following with the lasagna which was very good.




Proudly I can report we skipped dessert. When we left there were two lines of waiters clapping their hands for everyone who passed by , we couldn't stop laughing. This was also the time we got the email from royal up regarding our upgrade bid  which was successful . As I bid for the same cabin also for the first lag of our B2B and lost (although they did not sold the cabin to anyone) I knew I had to increase the bid for the second cruise to have a chance to win it. I can only blame @Lovetocruise2002 and @WAAAYTOOO doing too good job selling the star class dream .

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C19 Observations on Symphony.

Mask policy - mask are being used in all internal locations , it's seems that no one is forcing it because endorsement is not require it's very rare to see someone without mask.

Locations  like the promenade cafe or Sorento are now with one virtual line of entry were a crew member asking you to use the alcohol gel first.

Everything is being handed to you by the crew unless it's pre packed like in the park cafe. Even Tabasco in Sorento is being handled by a few (and they are very generous with it be careful).

On the table there some cards saying the table was cleaned, once you seat a crew member will turn the ticket to indicate this table should be cleaned. 

The casino seems to be without any social distancing, no limits to the number of people that can seat in a table nor any turned off slot machine or missing chair, it's still has it's smoking section.

I found it out to be quiet easy to wear the mask inside , but that's I guess different from person to person.


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Day 4 Rotan , Honduras. Morning

Today is our first real port day as we can go down and tour the Island, I like Rotan for it's clear water sandy beaches and the jungle like view.

We did the right thing and went to eat breakfast in the CK , service was quick and good , was was not bad but did not feel an upgrade comparing to the WJ , maybe it's because we eat very early in the WJ so everything is fresh. We had an almond croissant and eggs Benedict. We did ask for some vegetables we got some tomatoes , somehow vegetables in the morning looks strange in this part of the world.


More to come


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