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One shot to get it right


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32 minutes ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Hopefully this will stop the knee-jerk overreactions that have been so prevalent. What a shame and such a high cost to everyone involved.

Those antigen tests have an unacceptably high false positive record.  They just aren’t reliable enough to put your entire livelihood (not to mention, vacation) on.  So glad Royal is taking time to let others make these mistakes, first.

What it tells me is that until a) better testing or b) effective and pervasive vaccine, there's going to be insurmountable problems. Either the cruise lines wait until a) or b), or they have to base their decisions on whatever information they have, however fallible it may be. 

The other alternative is up to us. We can just wait this out for a year and don't blame the cruise lines for what they have to do in the interim.

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I think there will not be a 1 rule for all cruises worldwide. Countries where either they have no (or very few) cases (Such as most of Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, etc) or where it is in retaliative control (Most of Asia etc) are likely to have a 0% threshold whereas where the virus is established in the community there might be more acceptance of having cases on board a ship introduced to a port etc

For example take Fiji or Vanuatu both of whom have 0 cases currently (I think Fiji has 2 in isolation after being caught at the boarder). Both these countries have a 'limited' health systems that  can coupe with the usual day to day issues its population faces would really struggle (i.e break to pieces) if COVID-19 was to be introduced to its population through a cruise ship and then spread through the population. It would be irresponsible for a cruise line to sail to one of these countries without being able to guarantee they had 0 cases on board (In both cases, as with NZ and Australia anyone entering the country is isolated in government facilities for 14 days currently which would be uneconomical for cruise lines,  14 days in isolation in the first port before the ship can continue won't be an option). Cases brought into these countries would be similar to what happened to indigenous populations with measles etc when Europeans first arrived in these countries. We know better now and have a duty not to repeat those mistakes (Heck,  measles killed 83 people  (from a population of 201k) in Samoa due to an outbreak linked back to 1 person in 2019. This was an excellent case on how dangerous the anti vax movement can be).

In the case of the US where the numbers are a lot higher the damage a cruise ship could do if it introduced COVID-19 cases into the population is probably minor in comparison. In this case the appetite from both the public and government might be to resume cruising with some risk and a threshold of certain number of cases etc.


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On 8/10/2020 at 8:52 PM, Tanner said:

With respect to everyone having differing opinions on when and how cruising should resume, does anyone think the cruise industry generally figures they get one and only one shot at a return or do you think the industries believes they can make adjustments on the fly?  

It also seems hard to get a consensus on what people would consider "successful" in terms of the result of the first few cruises.  Is the industry being held hostage to unobtainable results?  

Would love to hear your feedback.  

TUI flights Zante (Greece) to Cardiff (Wales) had 7 with corona virus positive cases, mask wearing wasn't complied with and the staff were not enforcing their rules.

Massive media coverage all over the UK and in Europe about this. 

TUI are still operating flights nothing has changed.

If cruise lines get a few cases I shouldn't see why this would change a future cruise the next week. 

Like other (rare) norovirus cases I don't see that anything should change even with a few cases onboard (in isolation) 


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