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  1. Probably you would have seen us! The ship felt so empty it was amazing! We can't wait to go back to Alaska and do a one way cruise to Seward
  2. Hey sorry for some reason my notifications aren't working at all. Yes! It was operating we got some great photos from it in Sitka. Hope it is on your cruise too!
  3. We just returned from Alaska and temperatures were around 50-55 and rain every day. Granted we are Canadian but we were fine with long sleeved shirts/sweaters under a waterproof jacket (not a winter jacket even) on all of our excursions. Along with gloves, hat and waterproof hiking boots. Wore shorts and long-sleeved t-shirts or dresses around the ship. Didn't need waterproof pants but we camp so have a lot of quick dry activewear
  4. Here you go! Beautiful Dream and Pixels were great but we didn't go to any other entertainment (we weren't comfortable with people sitting directly beside us with no masks, even with 1900 passengers it got very crowded at popular events).
  5. Hello! Currently sailing on Ovation, in Juneau tomorrow! Wanted to give you some details on our experience coming from Toronto. Overall it was quite a bit simpler than I expected. Got our rapid antigen test at Shoppers the day of our flight. At the airport they looked over our vaccine records and negative results even before security so have them very handy. Customs took over an hour so make sure to be about 3 hours early I would day. But we were fine, I don't think most others were that organized lol. Had a great day exploring Seattle, they just put a mask mandate in so we felt safe We had 12pm boarding time. Arrived just after 11am. They check your vaccines and negative test in line before you enter the terminal. The did really go over ours thoroughly and asked a few questions since they aren't as familiar with the Canadian documents but ultimately we were fine to board. And we were on the ship at 11:45! No contact tracelet. Just a purple bracelet to show we are vaccinated and it seems like no staff is bothering to look for them. We have about 1900 passengers. Mostly feels empty except I was quite uncomfortable with the lack of social distancing in the MDR and at shows considering masks aren't required and no one seems to understand how to space themselves apart ! Anyways it was all pretty easy and we are having a great time despite some very rough seas !
  6. We are preparing for our flight on Wednesday from Toronto to Seattle to cruise on Ovation Friday! Very excited and a little nervous of course. I am a pharmacist at SDM and administer antigen tests so that part was obviously easy for us, we are just going right before our flight. We just couldn't wait any longer to be back cruising! Mostly worried about getting the testing on the ship to be able to return to Canada but thinking positively that it will all work out !
  7. We were supposed to go on this sailing in 2021 and it was cancelled, but not sure about the itinerary before then. When we go to Europe (this will be my 7th trip), we love using Rick Steves guidebooks. We look at the excursions Royal offers, look through the guidebooks and go on Cruise Critic or TripAdvisor for recommendations. If we want to do a lot/long tour or we want to travel far away from a port we book through Royal or with a private excursion. If we dock close to the city we just use transit to see the sights. I think in Iceland we will book excursions. In Ireland we might just venture on our own. The guidebooks are particularly useful for Amsterdam, so excited to explore the city!
  8. Guessing based on your name you are a fellow Canadian ? I can definitely pass along some tips from our experiences. We are so excited to be on a Quantum class for the first time and to be traveling again, even with the restrictions!
  9. Hello all! After debating for awhile, decided to YOLO book this cruise today! Our first time to Alaska, 3rd Royal Caribbean cruise. Going to be interesting since we are coming from Canada (but are both fully vaccinated currently, hoping we have no issues with our proof). Very very excited to be back on a ship, it will be strange after being so strict with our lockdowns for the past year. Hoping to still be able to meet some new people, anyone joining us? Pam and Andrew
  10. Hello! Is the cruise before the Arctic Circle? I wish we had the vacation time for that one too! We have another cruise booked before this in February but this one we will put more effort into planning so probably start looking into it towards the end of summer. We are staying 4 days after in Amsterdam, already had a houseboat booked for our cancelled 2021 cruise so just moved the reservation over to 2022. Finally even in Canada things are returning to normal. Very excited to be back on a ship!
  11. We did a 14 night Baltic cruise on Explorer (a sister ship to Voyager) in 2019 and it was incredible. The food quality in the MDR and Windjammer was very similar to the Oasis class ships to us (but we aren't foodies). The service in both our room and MDR was the best we have ever had! We didn't notice crowding except at the usual times (Windjammer on embarkation day, returning from excursions). The ports on the Baltic cruise are just phenomenal and we enjoyed long days in ports so the ship was honestly secondary to the whole experience. Two things I wanted to mention: if you are visiting Stockholm, go to the helipad to watch sailaway, the archipelago you sail through for hours after leaving is just beautiful and almost no one was with us after a few minutes since it was pretty cold (bring a cozy jacket and ear protection). Also, the solarium is open air on Voyager class ships so the pools even at the end of June/early July were empty since it was too cold to swim except a couple of warm days. So don't plan on spending a ton of time around the pool except with a blanket and a book. If you haven't booked this cruise, YOLO book it!
  12. We vary in our stateroom between interior, oceanview and balcony dependent on price and itinerary. For instance, booked an interior for our next cruise but with the latest sale it was $150 total to upgrade to a balcony and minimal savings to stay in an interior. No brainer and we will appreciate the balcony especially with 5 sea days. For our other cruise to Iceland, it is $2500 more for a balcony.We would rather book another entire cruise or be able to afford incredible excursions. Even with a balcony we use if only for a few minutes in the morning and evening since we are so busy with activities. We mostly use it just for drying our bathing suits and laundry !
  13. This is our third time booking an Iceland cruise on Jewel...so hoping third time's a charm! Bucket list cruise we are so excited to experience Amsterdam, Iceland and Ireland for the first time. Looking forward to sailing with everyone! Pam and Andrew
  14. Can't wait to be back onboard for our third Royal Caribbean cruise and first Quantum class. First time sailing out of Cape Liberty too so hoping for some tips and tricks. Looking forward to meeting new friends who have been missing cruising as much as we have! Pam and Andrew
  15. Visiting Chichen Itza on our Harmony cruise in February Always been on my bucket list and despite a long traveling day , it was just incredible!
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