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  1. Appreciate appreciate feedback! I never thought of it that way, but it makes sense that it's not really an upgrade since they are both interiors. We actually prefer the "interior view" rooms to a balcony 🙂 Already looking at our next cruise and will go with a central park view then !
  2. The worst thing I did was consider cancelling our Explorer cruise because I took negative reviews too seriously. So glad I didn't because we had the most amazing 2 week cruise ever !
  3. Thanks for the info! We are happy with our room and price and excited for our cruise either way 🙂
  4. We booked an interior promenade view room for a cruise in mid February so we are a couple of weeks after final payment date. We've been considering upgrading an interior central park view and today that room is $700 cheaper online than what we paid. When we called to ask about upgrading they said we would have to pay $250 more than what we've already paid! Just wondering if that is a standard policy after final payment as we have been able to do it (and get some OBC) on other lines. First post and only second royal caribbean cruise so sorry if this is obvious!
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