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Who has the highest drink package?

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On 5/11/2022 at 5:17 AM, RDU said:

Well, there was this one time we actually got the DBP for a ridiculously cheap price!  Apparently, someone at RC made a HUGE booboo and dropped the drink package to maybe in the $30 range.  My brother in law told me to check it out and we purchased it, we're not big drinkers but it was a hell of a deal.  We ended up getting the package for around $400 for a 7 day cruise.  Well, RC realized the mistake and sent out an email saying they made a snafu but would honor everyone that bought it.  The cruise was originally planned for December 2020 and we all know how that ended, we didn't get to keep that package but were given FCC.  Pretty sure that mistake won't happen again.

We had gotten the glitch drink package for $17/pp, but it was for our May 2020 cruise that got cancelled.  I was so sad. I highly doubt that mistake will ever be made again.

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On 5/11/2022 at 10:37 AM, WAAAYTOOO said:

Yes.  I believe it reflects the highest "regular" prices....something in the neighborhood of $13.  My guess is if (when ?) they increase the base price of drinks, they will also increase the value of the vouchers.  All just guesses, of course.

We just got off the Symphony on Saturday and went to Vintages (our favorite) every night and used at least 2 vouchers of our 5 vouchers per day and met up with some of the same nice people each night and paid approximately an additional $2 per glass.  I have a huge love of wine.  My husband loves wine and beer.  We did the ultimate dining package and also bought 2 bottles of wine with the 40% off of a bottle of wine under $100 which we thought was fantastic.  The food coma is real!  We ate at 150 twice, Hooked twice, Chopped, and Jamies, Hibachi for dinner and Jamies, Hooked, and Hibachi for lunch!   Delicious and not super packed at all.  We were the first sailing with Hairspray which was wonderful.  Flight of course is spectacular.  We loved Hiro and the 2 ice skating shows.  Very, very full cruise.  It was really nice to get back on a cruise ship!

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They've gone up fast. Paid $50 a day in February. My November cruise is $72 now  ($67 when on sales special).  I hit Diamond after my February cruise since I got 44 points  for an 11 night cruise.  So I'll forego the package since I get the four free drinks and I'll bring the allowed two bottles of wine onboard. 

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