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  1. You can test any time within the 3 day window. So you are fine.
  2. Maybe "promising" was not the proper word to use when I first brought it up. He's not making a promise, he is making a statement. A statement that should have some weight considering he is the CEO, and a statement that was unfortunately worded to give more hope than it should have to some cruisers.
  3. This is true. Mine now says: Are you fully vaccinated for COVID-19? Y/N Have you received a COVID-19 booster? Y/N Will you be more than 23 weeks pregnant at any time during your cruise? Y/N
  4. You are incorrect in what you think is my interpretation. I fully expected there to be additional rules and policy to go along with this. As you can see in this screenshot MB just blanketly said after August 8 you are good. If you go back to my original post here, all I said was I did not understand why the miscommunication had not been addressed. When things are not communicated properly, it leaves room for much interpretation, which in turn leaves room for disappointment. I am fully vaccinated and will be sailing soon, so it is not that I am trying to get on board and can't. I just expect clear communication from such a large corporation, and this was not clear in the slightest. MB should not have been responding, but that is my opinion and I don't expect others to share it.
  5. Your interpretation is different than mine. He states "effective August 8th" in his original post about testing and then continues on to say they will also welcome unvaxxed under the same thought. When people asked him to clarify, he confirmed that after August 8th unvaxxed could sail. He even confirmed it for this blog as you can see in the screenshot above (and yes, all screenshots are directly from Michael Bayley's Facebook page on this exact post I referenced above or are from this blog directly). I am not here to debate you, I am sharing my interpretation which also happens to be an interpretation many others had as well.
  6. He did on his Facebook. Multiple instances of him telling folks that after August 8 ages 12 and up would not need to be vaccinated.
  7. I just still want to know why Michael Bayley promised all cruises starting August 8th would not require vaccination and Royal still hasn’t addressed that or apologized for the gross miscommunication.
  8. Still waiting for another cruise planner sale. Its been a few days, probably the longest I've seen it go between "sales" haha.
  9. I'd have to go with two rooms. Like you said, two bathrooms is a must! And a little separation isn't bad. It might keep your sanity in tact a little longer .
  10. @Matt Did you say in the live stream on Monday that you think something will be announced this week about the vaccine regulations?
  11. Maybe so but I cant say for sure. I'll let one of the more experienced cruisers answer this!
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