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LIVEish, Back to Back to Back on Mariner!

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Not something you see every cruise

Humble room for this voyage, better photos are to come.  

Help! I'm addicted to these bite size portions of beef carpaccio...   Ohhh and this view in the Suite Lounge

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8 hours ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

Two questions?

1854? And where are they serving the suite lunch? 

I had that cabin. The lunch was quiet in the MDR.

13 hours ago, WAAAYTOOO said:

Is that one of the panoramic ocean view suites near the front of the ship ??

I love the view at night. We had a storm. It was awesome looking at the spectacular sight. Until my next cruise.

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Greetings from Nassau!

I've been wanting to do an experiment with my cell provider Sprint. A nice feature of my plan is complimentary slow data and text messaging when traveling to many international locations. In the case of the Bahamas, calls are 25 cents a minute.

After taking my device (Samsung Galaxy S10+) out of airplane mode a few moments later I get a message explaining service.


So I ran a speed test with results of what I'd call low-speed data.


Checked the signal information to satisfy my inner nerd.



Next up was the experiment, spending $5 to upgrade my data experience. Was a very simple process.

Clicked on the link in my text message and was presented with a page offering two plans. Single day for $5 or a week for $25.

Picked the $5 option and agreed to the terms and conditions.


Within a minute I received a message confirming my purchase. Just to verify I ran another speed test with somewhat improved performance.


Plan for tomorrow is test things out on CocoCay.

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Back to the cruise experience...

Taking advantage of the complimentary room service breakfast I left the door tag out. Delivery was about 15 minutes earlier than expected.

Couldn't remember from previous experiences if they called prior to delivery. This case no call was made, just a knock on the door. Order was left but it was later discovered that a handwritten request was missing. Figured give room service a call to inform them part of the order was missing. That was the point when I discovered why a pre-delivery call wasn't placed. The phone isn't working in the room, yes it is plugged in.

Surprisingly a bit later another knock at the door and they were delivering the missing item. Kudos that they figured out the order wasn't complete and they caught it and corrected.

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Today was probably the first time I've never gotten off the ship when docked. I just didn't have any plans. Walking around the ship in the afternoon it seemed many stayed on as well.

Did have one mission, try to capture the sunset. However it seemed the clouds had plans to obstruct a direct view.




Current situation is enjoying some snacks in the Suite Lounge prior to dinner.



Nice touch having the hot items already on a skewer.

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Remainder of the night in a nutshell...

Dinner in Windjammer

Back to the room to charge up my phone

Windjammer recon, evening snacks edition

Adult beverage prior to The Quest

The Quest, had some new to me material

Few adult beverages in the Pub

Witnessed the Pub guitarist get shut down for the night. Go figure everyone shows up 10 minutes before 1 am.

Casino time at the Craps table ($10 minimum for pass line, $25 for double odds, $50 for 2-3-5 odds)

Snack at Cafe Promenade

Back to the Casino for three card poker, casino closed at 4am.

Snack at Cafe Promenade, pizza stopped at 3 am. Listened to an argument over someone wanting salami and their partner not wanting them to get it.

Then finally this post...


While is was a slow day it quickly became a busy evening. Hard to believe it is now officially the last day of the cruise.

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